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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Windows, Android or iOS: What System Will Wearable Gadgets Work Best With?

Of all the wearable gadgets on the market, it is the smart watches that seem are going to be the newest big thing in smart wearable technology over the latter half of 2014. No surprise then that 3 of the biggest names in operating systems - Apple's iOS, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows - are jockeying for the lead in this potential gold mine market sector.
So what are the ups and downs we can expect from wearable gadgets operating on the various operating systems? Let's take an in-depth look at each:

Google Android
Google was the very first in line to give operating systems for several of the existing and upcoming smart watches on the market. The difficulty, however, was that several of the existing Android operating systems utilized in smart watches had been meant to be utilized in smart phones. This made Android-based wearable smart watches rather challenging to use, what with hardware limitations, diminutive screen sizes and the need to have to pair watches to smart phones.
Google, however, is rolling out Android Wear - a version of Android made specifically for wearable gadgets. The most considerable bonus of Android Wear is its integration of Google Now into the operating system's core functions. This means that voice commands have the potential to play a considerably prominent function in interacting with wearable smart accessories - provided you are connected to the Internet via wireless Internet access points.

Apple iOS
Until last month Apple had been maintaining silence about its plans for smart watches or any other wearable gadgets, which is common of the company. They like to preserve every thing close to the chest till they make an official announcement.
After its very recent release the Apple Watch garnered a lot of interest, Apple are late comers to the wearable market and will have to pull the stops out to impress. Their Smart Watch generated some very mixed opinions. Some have hailed it as the new "Best Thing Ever" and others have written it off as Just Another Smart-watch.

The build quality is what you would expect from Apple and the watch certainly looks the part. The Apple Watch is a MP3 player like an iPod, a health monitor with heart-rate measurements, a communications device that will send and receive messages, calls and audio recordings, and a handheld portal to other apps, too. It also lets payments via Apple Pay as well as allowing you to control your Apple TV and act as a remote for connected smart home devices. All this sounds great, however there are many other watches that can do many of these things already and the OS is very similar to Android ware which is already available so you don't have to wait until next year to get one.

Its tricky to tell yet if the Apple Watch will be better at any of these things than the competition, and while Apple are sometimes late to market sectors they have a history of developing very intuitive apps and polishing the interfaces to allow better user experiences. This basically suggests we'll have to wait and see what Apple's incoming OS for smart watches has to make it stand out from the crowd and how well it will be received in 2015.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft is an additional contender hunting to cash in on the rush for wearable gadgets. It has, however, opted to follow the lead of Apple in keeping mum about its plans till an official announcement is created. A telling sign of Microsoft's plans, however, is when it shifted smart watch development away from its Xbox group to its Surface division.
The Xbox group had placed their bets mostly on well being and fitness, which tends to make sense taking into consideration that some of the far more well-liked Kinect Xbox games revolved around fitness. The move to the Surface group appears to have disrupted this original strategy. Microsoft's new wearable gizmos are now pegged to be more general|-use (i.e. browsing, process managing, app-heavy design) and may possibly use a heavily modified version of Windows 8.

The Verdict
From the looks of all these factors, only Google has publicly shared detailed data about how its Android Wear will assist the wearable gadgets of 2014 making them less difficult to use. As for Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS, we will just have to wait for announcements and the final releases of their finished products to discover any solid info on what will make their systems stand out from the rising competition in the wearable tech market.

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