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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Don't be Left in the Dark Without a USB Portable Power Bank Solar Charger

Don't be like me and learn the hard way! It was when I was stuck in a shelter in Mississippi State University, after sleeping on a bed mattress on the foul line of the basketball court for three days, when I realized that I must try to call my family and loved ones to let them know that I was OKAY from Hurricane Katrina. Believe it or not, but at that time I was anti-technology: I refused to wear a watch or have a mobile phone. However when I thought, "hmm, I better let Mama know I'm OKAY ... it's been a while since that last call right prior to my evacuation ..." - no person in the shelter had a phone with any juice left! And telephone lines were still down, even in the middle of Mississippi away from New Orleans. I had no chance to get in touch with anyone on the outside!

Since then, I converted myself to become a user of innovation, particularly the smartphone. And to my pleasant surprise, I discovered that there are many electronic devices out there that support causes I like, such as the CosasAutosuficientes USB Power Bank with Solar Charger.

You see, not only is the USB Power Bank with Solar Charger a renewable, clean energy innovation - a purchase of it with CosasAutoSuficientes provides cash back to a charity that promotes renewable energy devices for poor individuals in the developing world who need to live like I did in that gym - but these people have to do it everyday: Individuals who do not have access to an electrical grid, or if they do, they need to contend with recurring blackouts and unreliable electrical energy. This is called energy poverty, and it just sets them back in life because they have to spend their meager earnings (like $2.50 per day) on expensive and toxic kerosene oils to light up their shacks or huts.

Considering that I am a big fan of Amazon (like the fast shipping plus they have a really reassuring money-back warranty that ensures you are always satisfied with your purchase), I believed I would give the Power Bank with Solar Charger a shot with this and wow did it turn out to be a fantastic choice. Not just was I able to get a quality solar charger and power bank for a fantastic price, but what really impressed me was the amazing follow-up they had guaranteeing that I received my item and more significantly (to me anyway) they provided me a lot of fantastic pointers for ways to properly utilize the power bank solar charger.

If you are in the market for a power bank and solar charger to make sure that your phone never dies on you, then I encourage you to click the link below to purchase yours now and see what I mean for yourself. At the time of this writing, CosasAutoSuficientes was providing a deal in which you could get a bonus offer of a Solar LED Portable Light with your Power Bank purchase.

Learn more at Charger/

Recharge Your Devices Anytime, Anywhere With Technology of the Future

Travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, campers and ecologists like this power bank! - A Fantastic Value for Portable Solar Technology

- Lightweight, long lasting and water-resistant: Hang it from your knapsack while you trek in the sun! Don't stress if you get captured in the rain.
- Charge it with a wall plug and supplement it with the sun: it'll give you the juice you have to refresh 2 devices all at once
- Solar developments are enhancing every day, and advocates of renewable resource devices value what this light-weight, long lasting power bank can provide.

Don't stress over the phone or video camera dying on you with this backup! It would be a bummer to have your camera/cell phone die on you in the middle of all your outdoor sightseeing while off the electrical grid. Don't let it occur once again.

Purchase from us to support a cause - There are 1.4 billion individuals who need to live off the electrical grid everyday. Your purchase would contribute earnings to a charity that supports the use of life-changing solar innovation for rural villagers in the developing world.

- Discover in the internet for more information

1 year guarantee


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