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Saturday, November 22, 2014

I Enjoy to be Outdoors and I Love This Solar Power Charger

I've had a cell phone for years, and I love to play outdoors, and I'm sort of surprised at myself that I never picked up a solar power bank before now. The Solario from SJS {interested me|prompted my interest|finally convinced me|caught my eye| because it seems a bit more rugged than a lot of the other solar cell phone chargers out there, so I picked one up last week. Rarely have I been so satisfied with a new item I've purchased on the web.

First, the power. It holds enough juice to charge my cell phone from empty to full two times, and it charges up quickly from a wall plug. But I've made a habit of of using the Solario as it's intended, by carrying it with me and letting the sunlight keep it topped off. I've gone 72 hours now without hooking directly to a wall socket, I've recharged my cell phone twice, and the power is still about full. So long as I don't spend a lot of time shooting pictures, I'm hoping that I'll never have to use a wall plug again!

But in addition to that, the Solario doesn't stop working if you take it outside. So far I've taken it skiing and beachcombing, and I'm taking it hiking this weekend. I've gotten it muddy and wet and it just cleans right off with no problems.

Seriously, if you have a cell phone and you engage in activities outdoors, you should grab a Solario asap. You'll love it!

Never Risk a Dead Cell Phone Again

Whether you're camping, camping, skiing, or just on an extended day trip, the Solario solar power bank gives you the freedom to energize your electronics anytime, anywhere. Ideal for use as an emergency back-up phone charger, the Solario is portable, lightweight, durable, and can be securrly stored in a backpack or purse, ready for use on your next outing.
Best solar travel charger On The Market

The Solario is a mobile solar phone charger that collects direct sunlight, providing plenty of juice for your portable electronics. Unlike standard portable chargers, the Solario solar travel charger stays topped off by drawing juice directly from sunlight, freeing you from outlet dependency while you're enjoying the outdoors.
Also Functions Like a Traditional Cell Phone Power Bank

The Solario solar cell phone charger also works like a traditional cell phone power bank, allowing you to quickly top off your capacity from any outlet. If you're headed out, plug into an outlet to ensure you've got enough electricity for any situation.
Durable, World-Proof Design

Drop it, drop it, or kick it – the Solario solar power bank is waterproof, shock proof, and can be cleaned off in seconds. Sealed stoppers over each USB port keep out dirt and water, while a strengthened rubber frame stands up to rough use without cracking or chipping. We built the Solario solar travel charger to withstand anything nature can throw at it, so bring it on!
RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like the Solario solar travel charger, simply ship it back to us within 30 days for a 100% refund, no questions asked. Try it now RISK FREE! Click the ADD To Cart button and order your new Solario solar cell phone charger today!

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