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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weird And Wacky: 5 Of The Goofiest Wearable Gadgets To Blow Your Mind

Wearable gadgets are the new 'in' thing right now, with everybody and their mom scrambling to come up with the subsequent huge thing in smart technology. Heck, the hype that these businesses pour into their wearable smart technology is just downright sickening.

There are, nevertheless, a couple of products out there that are doing their darned greatest to corner the marketplace on some wearable gizmos with some extremely goofy concepts. Here are some of the ones that will either leave you scratching your head or drooling with desire:

1.Intelligent Pajamas - this is the absolute perfect remedy for when you are too tired to lug out that heavy, heavy children's book and pick out a random story to tell. Just have your kids wear these PJs with a style straight out of a dystopian future, pull out your cell phone or tablet, take a photo of those seemingly random dots and presto - you have a bedtime story to share! Just make that you've got wireless web access at your house to get the entire rig to operate.

2.IR Stealth Clothing - this line of smart accessories designed to blot out your thermal signature, hiding you from thermal-imaging cameras. It is, nonetheless, the marketing that will genuinely crack you up. 'Addressing the rise of surveillance' is quite frankly a roundabout way of saying 'great for breaking and entering.' Despite the fact that to be very sincere, these make you look like an definitely badass ninja of the future. Not only will you have a costume for Halloween, but you will also be capable to TP the home of your least favorite neighbor without displaying up on their IR cameras!

3.Musical Instrument Shirts - want to form a group with your mates but do not want to plunk a couple thousand dollars for the instruments? Why not have everybody put on these smart accessories that let you play a medley! From electric guitars and drum sets to pianos and harpsichords, these smart accessories will let you belt out any musical tune you want. Just make certain that you do not toss the shirts into the laundry without reading the label first. Don't want to zap your precious shirts following wearing it only one time!

4.Bluetooth Gloves - hate having to pull off your gloves in the dead of winter just to manage your cell phone? Got the testicular mass to look like an absolute dork while taking a call? Place on these Bluetooth gloves and leave people walking uncomfortably away from you as you speak to your buddies employing nothing at all but your thumb and pinky finger! In all seriousness though, these wearable wise accessories are a fairly convenient way of taking a get in touch with. Bonus points, of course, for leaving individuals scratching their heads and questioning about your sanity.

5.Color-Altering LED Gloves - these wearable gadgets will give you the power of light at your fingertips! Well, at least as much light as a couple of LED bulbs can provide. It is most naturally the party animal's apparel of choice, what with all the fairly colors to aid make a smashingly excellent time at a party. These wearable gadgets are also fairly nifty for birthday, costume and Halloween parties. Oh, and they're wonderful for giving your buddies a heart attack when you jump them in the middle of the night while wearing the aforementioned stealth clothes. Just make certain they're unarmed and keep in mind to put your hands up in the air when a police officer aims his gun at you.

And there you have it: five of the goofiest wearable gadgets to come out - at least at the moment. Just keep in mind: you can ever only look as cool (or as stupid) as you think about oneself to be!

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