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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Zevek Cat Repeller, A Totally Safe And Harmless Method To Protect Your Garden

Cats: adored by owners, strongly disliked by everybody else.

If there's one subject that's likely to get garden enthusiasts going, it's the animals that share our yards with us. And cats roaming in our yards is an issue that splits viewpoint.

We all relate to the animals that live in our yards differently.

Some people are happy to see hedgehogs, however don't like badgers due to the fact that they can cause damage. Some of us are frightened to see sparrow-hawks descending on our bird tables, while others are thrilled to see nature in action.

If all the regional cats think that your yard is their playground, operatic stage, battling ring, hunting ground and restroom. If you like gardening and are fed up of finding undesirable stacks of really smelly, semi-buried cat faeces. Also if you object to being gotten up by cats squabbling half way through the night then you require some aid in producing a cat totally free yard without damaging the cats and without falling out with your next-door neighbors. You require the Zevek Solar Ultrasonic Cat Repeller.

The concern over ways to drive away cats is readily easy to understand and has absolutely nothing to do with whether one likes cats. Nor does it matter that much whether the cats in question are your very own or another person's. After all, it stinks to be working away cheerfully in the yard, only to end up stepping in cat poop! But the need for feline repellents goes beyond mere trouble. Cat poop can nurture pathogens hazardous to people and specifically youngsters. Eventually, this is an issue of correct hygiene in the yard.

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The Zevek Solar Ultrasonic Cat Repeller, Scarer, it deals with Other Animal Pests too. Helps to Safeguard yards, flowerbeds, bird feeders and fish in ponds. It has a Passive Infra Red Sensor (PIR) that identifies motion and triggers the Ultrasonic speaker which gives off a tone that cats can feel and frightens them away at the same time this triggers a strong bright flashing LED for double defense.

The sensing unit sweeps an arc of 110 degrees (this is much bigger than many others) and has a range of 8-9 metres depending upon the size of the animal - the larger the animal the larger the range. The sensitivity and frequency are adjustable so you can always discover a setting that works in your yard.

The ultrasonic wave is activated when a cat goes into the PIR Sensor range and then the cat feels uncomfortable and will move out of the area. A strong flashing LED LIGHT to terrify the cat away this is activated at the same time by the PIR. It is uses solar energy to charge the batteries so that it is always working.

Most people can not hear the tones gave off nevertheless there could be some people that have the ability to hear it therefore it is best positioned away from people if possible.

The Repeller must not be set up in a kids's playground.
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