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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Finest Solar Energy Charger Expands to a Powerful Backup As You Demand More Power

Ok, bear with me for a moment, given that I normally do not comment on current purchases, this may sound a little severe, but I am absolutely shocked by my brand-new solar phone charger.

You see, I am among those guys that invests a great deal of time treking and biking off the grid for a couple of days. Been doing it for many years, and throughout then, I have gotten a couple of back up batteries to keep my smartphone charged up, mostly for safety factors, in case something fails, or weather conditions shifts in. In the past, I was packing 3 backup chargers to bring with me for a weekend trip. Not any longer! This brand-new back up solar phone charger from SOLITY has actually taken the place of all of them-- due to the fact that I can add on extra power packs to develop this up into a single energy tower that holds more backup power than all of my other chargers had collectively. And during the day, the photovoltaic panel keeps charging up the battery to extend the back up energy readily available. Being a biologist, I am sort of into environment-friendly businesses, so this was a bonus for me.

Additionally, the customer care they supplied me to make sure I was delighted with the brand-new purchase was extraordinary. I got a couple of follow up emails and a direct phone number to talk to customer support, a nice touch that I do not normally see from businesses on Mentioning, I have to confess that I felt absolutely comfy making this purchase given that I got a money back assurance, and the free shipping is constantly a huge bonus as well.

Now, you may not require as much backup power as someone off the grid for two or 3 days at once, but if you ever experience the anxiety of your cellphone battery running out of power way too quick, you might want to try this unit. Even the standard design will provide you with adequate power to keep your smartphone charged up for 24 Hr, or at a minimum until you can plug back into to an outlet to recharge.

If you choose to provide it a try, I would enjoy to find out about all the ways you utilize it to stay charged up. I can't stop talking to my pals about it, and I wager you wind up doing the exact same.

Jaded by your smartphone low on battery, driving you to plead for power? The SOLITY 12 High-Quality 12000mAh Solar External Battery solves this for you.

What makes your newfound SOLITY 12 distinct from the challengers?

Superior Power, with built in Solar Panels. The basic SOLITY 12 will completely power the typical mobile device about five times per cycle. Its rated for about five hundred cycles, offering about 2500 recharges during the lifespan of this gadget. Unlike any others, the SOLITY 12 is expandable with our 6,000 mAh Power Bricks, up to 42,000 mAh, providing up to 20 recharges per cycle!

Many phone users might drain a mobile battery in as low as 4 hours. If you find yourself out of reach of a source of power, or in a power outage, this is a should have within your disaster supplies. The Solar Panels assist by providing a capability to carry on charging your mobile devices and can get you through bumpy rides. Having the ability to expand with extra Power Bricks makes this a life saver!

Finding a wall outlet to plug into while on trips can be difficult. Do not lose energy at the airport or (on|when on|while on} your flight. Having the SOLITY 12 with you means you will have plenty of backup power to charge your iphone anytime, and no more going to the vehicle to get a charge. Having this solar device on hand helps travelers stay powered up while on a trip delighting in the sites.

Remaining in touch with family and friends is critical, particularly when you have kids. The SOLITY 12 is straightforward enough for everyday} use, however strong enough for emergencies. When its not being used, simply leave it on a south-facing window sill, but it can even be charged with a USB cable.

You are always protected by our 30-day not what you were hoping for - complete cash back guarantee. No questions asked. PLUS a complete 1-Year Service warranty on Quality and Usability. And you get to keep the Free VIP Incentive Products. So Order One Now, (and perhaps one for a friend and never stress over being without energy again.

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