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Monday, March 2, 2015

High-Quality Solar Powered iPhone Charger Keeps You Charged Up While On the Go

This might sound strange, particularly when talking about something as simple as a solar battery charger for cell phones, but exactly what a cool feeling it is when you eventually come across something that not only provides you a premium product, but over delivers by aiding you to get more from your phone.

If you are anything like me, then I am very sure you have found yourself running out of battery power on your cell phone. I use my iPhone all day, for both work and personal business, and in between the apps, web and music, my battery is drained by lunch. I bring around adaptors and cables in hopes that I will be able to discover a place to plug in, but usually, the phone goes dead prior to when I can get it recharged.

Considering that I am a huge fan of (complimentary shipping for Prime and the comfort of the money-back warranty), I thought I should give this a shot. Well, this ended up being one of my finest choices in a while.

Not only did I get a cool solar battery charger (which I prefer making use of a renewable resource like solar power) at a fantastic price, but I was really pleased with how incredible the follow-up was to guarantee that I received the product and to make certain I was getting the most out it. On top of that, they provided me the capability to sign up as a VIP customer to help screening out new products, and I got a totally free travel charger and car charger just for registering. Which I thought was a fantastic enhancement to the product I ordered.
Even more remarkable was that when I bought the Solar Charger, they contributed a tree on my behalf through The Nature Conservancy. I love when a company commits themselves to a cause, like being 'Environment-friendly' and perseveres on many levels. This made me feel much better about my choice to select this solar battery charger.

I purchase online a lot, but not every one of my purchases end up being winners, but I have really never been so pleased with a discovery like this before. If you are tired of your cell phone battery running out, and hate being stressed about when you can plug back in, I would very highly recommend that you take a look at this and see if you agree. If you do wind up giving it a shot, let me hear exactly what you think, I am certain you will be pleased.

Sick of your iPhone low on battery, leaving you to ask for a charge? The SOLITY 6 High-Quality 6000mAh Solar Phone Charger resolves this for you.

What separates your new SOLITY from the competition?

Great Capacity, with integrated Solar Panels. The SOLITY 6 will completely recharge the typical mobile device about three times per cycle. Its rated for five hundred cycles, offering almost 1500 charges throughout the life time of this device.

Heavy smartphone users may drain a smartphone battery in as little as 4 hours. If you are far from a power source, or in a power failure, this is a must have in your survival kit.

Discovering a place to plug into while on vacation can be difficult. Don’t find yourself without power at the airport or (on|when on|while on} your plane. Having the SOLITY 6 with you means you will have backup power to charge your mobile device anytime, and say goodbye to going to the automobile to get a charge.

Remaining in touch with home and colleagues is critical, particularly if you have kids. The SOLITY 6 is simple enough for daily use, but strong enough for emergencies. When its not in use, just leave it on a south-facing window sill, but it can likewise be charged via USB cable.

You are always secured by our 30-day not exactly what you expected complete money back guarantee. No questions asked. PLUS a complete 1-Year Guarantee on Quality and Efficiency. And you get to keep the Free VIP Perks Products. So Order One Now, (and possibly 1 for a family member and never fret about being without battery power yet again.

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