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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Powerful Solar Powered iPhone Charger Helps Travelers Stay In Communication While Out and About

Its uncommon for me to publish remarks about a product, in fact, there are really few items that I have actually written about, but I needed to say something about this 1 - since it changed my current holiday to California.

A number of years ago our household took a trip to Disneyland for holiday, it was everyone, kids parents and grandparents. All of us have cellular phones and we used them a lot to text and collaborate on our plans. Every day, by lunch, our cellular phones would start to run low on battery, and made the rest of the day stressful just attempting to find out when and how we might plug back in. This continued for the entire week.

When we started preparing our journey for this year, I knew that I needed to do something to find out a solution for our smartphone battery drain concerns. Because I am a huge buyer, and generally rely on Amazon, I started looking for battery chargers on there. In addition, since I knew we would be outside the whole week, I wanted to see if I might discover something that had solar cell panels to help extend our cellular phone batteries even more-- since I would be charging all five cellular phones, and wanted to keep us powered up through the day.

Well, I have to say that when I found this solar charger, I was so ecstatic, it was an excellent value and had plenty of back up energy to get everybody through the day. I plugged it in during the night so that the back up battery was full, which gave us each a full recharge of our mobile phones while we sat and consumed lunch. The fantastic thing was that as I brought it around in a side pocket on my backpack, it continued charging by means of solar energy, so we had sufficient power and got back to the hotel each evening with working mobile phone.

This small little gadget made such a difference in allowing us to all stay in touch throughout the journey and got rid of the stress we felt last time. With older parents, it actually made my spouse feel much more protected knowing that she was able to stay in contact with her mommy, and not have to stress a lot if something went wrong.

Anyway, believed I should tell you how good this ended up for us, I constantly keep this with us whenever we leave our home, just in case. You ought to check it out if you have actually ever been in a scenario like this where having some trusted back up power would have helped you out too. Let me hear if you end up getting it, I want to hear how it ends up for you.

Tired of your mobile device out of battery, leaving you to plead for a charge? The SOLITY 8 High-Quality 8000mAh Solar Charger addresses this for you.

What makes your brand-new SOLITY 8 unlike the competitors?

Fantastic Capacity, with incorporated Solar Panels. The SOLITY 8 will fully charge the standard smartphone about four times per cycle. Its graded for five hundred cycles, supplying about 2000 charges through the lifespan of this gadget.

Many smartphone users may drain a iPhone battery in just 4 hours. If you find yourself away from a power outlet, or in a power outage, this is a have to have within your disaster stuff. The Solar Panels assist by offering an ability to go on charging your gadgets and can get you through bumpy rides.

Discovering an outlet to plug into while on holiday can be difficult. Never find yourself without energy at the airport or (on|when on|while on} your flight. Having the SOLITY 8 with you implies you will have backup power to recharge your iphone anytime, and say goodbye to going to the car to obtain a recharge. Having this solar gadget on hand assists travelers stay charged while off the grid taking in the sites.

Staying in touch with family and colleagues is vital, especially when you have kids. The SOLITY 8 is easy enough for daily use, but strong enough for emergencies. When its not in use, just leave it on a sunny window sill, but it can even be charged by means of USB cable.

You are always secured by our 30-day not exactly what you expected full cash back guarantee. No questions asked. PLUS a full 1-Year Warranty on Quality and Performance. And you get to keep the Free VIP Benefits Products. So Order One Now, (and maybe 1 for a family member and never ever stress over being without battery power once again.

Get yours now at Phone Charger/


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