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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Panther 5000 Solar Travel USB Battery Charger - A MUST HAVE For Emergency situations!

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Have you ever been away from your home and needed your cellphone charged but there was no electricity available? I don't know about you, but I have! And anyone with children or grandchildren also understands they claim all the charging ports in the car to play videos and games! That's why I do not leave home without taking my light-weight Panther 5000 solar battery charger! You have on-the-go back-up power with the Panther 5000 … same as other chargers. But the similarity stops there! This is where the Panther 5000 stands above electric chargers! When the battery is are out of luck until you get to electricity. The appeal of the Panther 5000 is that you have enough back-up battery to charge your mobile phone twice, and you also have the solar charging alternative when no electrical power is readily available.

I wanted to put it to the test to see how long it took to charge with both power options:
ELECTRIC Test: It took 1.5 hours to completely charge using the USB accessory, attached to my own USB electric plug adapter. (You can also charge using the USB accessory attached to your desktop computer).
SOLAR Test: The Panther 5000 battery and my iPhone battery were both empty. After 1 hour in full sun I then connected to my phone. In less than five minutes my phone turned back on and I was able to make a phone call lasting over 18 minutes.

I use the faster electric charging every day but if ever stranded or faced with a power is not "simply a green alternative"'s a necessity!

We like shopping on Amazon because of their fast shipping, 30-day product purchase price warranty, no re-stocking charges, and free shipping for orders over $35. So do not delay! Click the link below now for more information on Amazon and test it for yourself. You can't put a monetary value on security and the peace of mind you will feel! Not to mention…it's a very cool battery charger!

*5000mAh Li-Polymer Battery
*Solar and Electric charging choices
*Works with most small USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS, bluetooth, etc.
*Dual charging ports
*LED flashlight
*IPX4 water resistant, shockproof, and dust proof
*Input: DC 5V/1A
*Output: DC 5V/2X 1A
*Product Size: 142 * 75 * 13.6 mm
*Light-Weight: Just weighs 150g


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