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Friday, April 10, 2015

IceFox Solar Smartphone Battery charger - Charge your Device on the Go!!

Use the Power of Mother Nature!

Isn't really it annoying when your battery passes away and you are unable to make or take a very important call as there was a power cut in your community or you were at the convenient store? But what if you didn't need plug points and could charge your phone anywhere? Solar energy rescues the situation once again-- an extremely effective solar powered charger!

The icefox Solar Phone Charger is the perfect fix-- let us elaborate why:

• It can be utilized to charge a number of devices such as tablets, smartphones, digital video cameras, Bluetooth headsets, video games handheld consoles, GPS and other USB devices. It is suitable for Samsung, LG, Motorola, HG, and a number of devices with an Android or iOS running system.
• Utilizing Smart Charge IC technology, it is equipped with 14W solar panels that take in sunlight and transform it into energy, which is utilized to provide power to the device.
• No reliance on external power while you are on the go or have gone camping with close friends-- the solar panels will immediately recognize and link to your device, and charge it up 2Amp under direct sunlight.
• Super-fast speed-- any device can be powered up and prepared to go within a relatively short period of time.
• It is has 2 USB output ports permitting you to charge more than one device at the very same time-- every one is powered individually, so the overall speed isn't really affected.
• The product is portable since it weighs less than a pound-- it has a compact body and is lightweight, thus making it incredibly practical to lug it while taking a trip.
• It uses up little space-- there is a hook that can be utilized to string it up on your bag while you are out or you can fold it up into a small package that can be easily tucked inside your backpack or luggage.

The icefox Solar Phone Charger is a clever and useful financial investment at an extremely reasonable price-- just go for it and make your order at right away!

Find out more at charger/

Solar Chargers can charge any mobile phones, tablets, GPS or any USB device.

Smart Charge Innovation: It can immediately recognize and discover your device, delivering its fastest possible charge accelerating to 2Amp under direct sunlight.

Dual-USB Power: 14 watt photovoltaic panel offers enough power to charge mobile phones and and Ipad at the very same time.

Portable design: Compact size design for mobility. With the free hook, you may just hang it on your bag when outdoors.


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