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Monday, June 15, 2015

Solari Outdoor Solar Night Light with Motion Sensor for Wall Mounting - Excellent Value

Solar lighting is becoming increasingly common these days, not only due to the fact that it saves money and is friendly to the environment but due to the fact that it is so practical, given that it is totally wireless and straightforward to set up.

Recently I bought this innovative new Solari branded dual function solar night and safety light on Amazon and was impressed with the mix of functionality and stylish looks designed into a compact unit that is housed in durable stainless steel for outside applications.

It is a wall mountable unit and ideally should be positioned to get access to direct sunlight for 4-7 hours a day in order to remain lit all through the night, although I experienced that it worked well even when the days were cloudy.

The Solari unit turns on automatically soon after dark and the LED light emits a pleasant, warm glow. This light is designed to indicate the way to your front door, along a pathway, to your carport or up/down a stairway, without in any way giving the impression of being harsh or obtrusive.

If the unit detects motion within range, a second more powerful LED kicks in to enhance the light tenfold and offer short-term, localised vibrant lighting that increases safety without sending the neighbours into a frenzy!

Solari includes a built-in lithium ion battery that ought to give excellent life and can be replaced when required by removing a few screws on the back casing. Installation is easy. A mounting screw and anchor is provided in the box along with some helpful double sided tape and a properly readable instruction leaflet.

Overall, I was impressed with the level of quality of the packaging and product and enjoyed the peace of mind of knowing that it was backed by Amazon's high quality customer service.

Visit Amazon for more about this solar lights product

Stylish solar powered outside LED night light with motion detector.

Strong lighting when you need it. Soft lighting when you dont!

This elegant Solari wall mounted lighting unit offers a valuable dual function that makes it perfect for pathways, entranceways, stairways, carports and numerous other outdoor applications:

- Dusk to dawn soft night light that switches on automatically.
- Strong safety light that switches on when motion is sensed within range.
- No requirement to have to run any cabling or electrical connections.
- Solari is powered by the sun and is friendly to nature.
- A long life rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can remain in use up to five years
- Unobtrusive, but stylish and effective wall mount design
- Robust, stainless steel, climate proof finish.
- Easy and fast installation and wall mounting.
- Detailed guidance supplied in the box.
- 1 year, no quibble warranty


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