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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Window Solar Charger With 5200 mAh, For Mobile Phones, iPad, etc. IP44 Waterproof. FREE POWER!!

When I found out recently that a smartphone would make use of as much power as a fridge, I was just so amazed! Undoubtedly, what costs most with a smartphone is not buying it however utilizing it. Charging it, in truth.

As I enjoy technology and am environment-friendly, I thought "why not a solar charger?" Then I discovered on Amazon this wonderful option: a window solar charger.

I thought this is the very best option due to the fact that it costs absolutely nothing for charging my smartphone. I just require sun. And since it can stay with a window, it benefits the very best quantity of sun ever possible, free of charge. Cool things!
Exactly what is more, it is pocket size, then I can use my solar charger everywhere, in my vehicle, at the beach otherwise. I enjoy it.

Keep reading about this Solar charger product


A smartphone utilizes as much power as a fridge. Sun is free.
NO GLUE: adhere to window by silicon suction tape. Thus, optimum light directly from sun, really reliable for quick charging.
Outer side apprehends sunlight or interior lights, while the smooth created inside spruce up your interior.
Suitable with vast array of devices: iPad, Samsung Tab, iPhone, Blackberry and lots of other, just require USB cable. Lithium-ion polymer battery: never ever lacked charge.
Can be utilized as a power bank.

Ultra-high capability (5200 mAh), while products of lower quality provide only 1800 mAh. With 5200 mAh, smartphone can work for 24 h (extensive use) to 72 h (regular use). Long-life battery: 500 times prior to decreasing efficiencies, still > 70 % after 1 000 cycles, entire life > 10 000 cycles Lightweight + no plug: ideal for strolling, camping, fishing, on your boat, in your vehicle, etc
. Use charger at office, house, sports, etc. Product: Environment friendly ABS, 30 % post consumer products. Entire gadget is 100 % recyclable in the USA. Security: Integrated circuitry permits accuracy charging and secures your gadget against any type of charging issues.
Includes USB charging cable.

1. Photovoltaic panel: 5-5.5 V/110mA/0.6 W.
2. Battery: 5200mAh. Completely charged through micro USB within 2 hrs.
3. Micro USB Input: 5V/1A.
4. USB Output: 5V/1A.
5. Can be completely charged under direct sunlight with 10-15 hours.
6. CE, FCC & ROHS accredited No-hassle free replacement ONE YEAR guarantee against ANY defect

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