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Friday, July 26, 2019

End Times Replacement Culture for the Next Age

Let's scout the "Big Pic", the panorama of the Earthwide scene whereof we are in the middle.

How do We Know What to Expect?

History tells to us that, which will happen.  What will most likely happen.  Then we understand what to do.

End's Times -- End of What?

Students of the Holy Writ have claimed that we are in the "end times" foretold.

End of what?  It says "end of the established order".  This article is not about scripture but about historical precedent.

Accordin to astrologers we are at the end of the Age of the Fishes and about to enter the Age of the Cupbearer.

It's a nice and tight little coincidence that puts the Holy Writ's "end of the old order" simultaneous with astrology's "end of the age".

Historical Cycle Repeats

That, whereabout this article is, is the end of a fifteen-hundred-year cycle of "civilization", so-called -- or better called "cosmos" which means "established order".

"Cosmos" Means "An Established Order"

A "civilization" more properly called a "cosmos" lasts fifteen hundred years, and disintegrates, or is disintegrated, at the end.  What are the three marks of disintegration?

The 3 Signs of Disintegration of a Cosmos

A cosmos in disintegration causes three groups of folks to be formed as separate from each other:

1)  A dominant minority.

2)  Estranged folk within.

3)  Estranged folk outside.

Earthwide Western Civilization is a "First" in History

Have we reached to this stage?  Indeed we have so done!  For the first time in history we have a society that covers most of Earth.

Who are the Dominant Minority?

The dominant minority has been formed by the Zevites under the dominion of the Priory of Sion.  What!?  You don't know about the Zevites & the Priory of Sion?

As long as you stick with The Brotherhood for Safety and Mutual Aid you are very likely to obtain more details about these groups,

but we liefer talk 81% about solutions & only 19% about problems.

Those groups the Zevites and the Priory of Sion are problems, so we minimize our tellin of them.

Who are the Estranged Folks Within?

In the second category -- the second group that marks the disintegration of the current cosmos -- is the estranged folk within.

This group is the Caucasians, called also "The Dispossessed Majority".

They are Fewer than We have been Told

One of the reasons why the actor, who plays the character known as "Donald Trump", was picked to pose before the cameras as "president",

is to befool white folks into thinkin that they are still a majority in the USA.  It's a trick.

For example, last time when I checked [about 2010 -- now it's more mixed than then], nearly all of the animators at Disney were Chinese.

Chinese nationals have owned most of the land in Montana, & the public utilities in California.  Not Chinese-Americans,  but Chinese nationals.

Also they have had control of the Panama Canal.  China has lately been under control of the network involving Priory of Zion and ancient papal criminal families.

Nearly all high level administrators of cities, plus most of the populations of them, have been unwhite and, lately anti-white.

Even the top white zevites have led anti-Caucasian initiatives.  So we mustn't be so certain that Caucasian Whites are still in majority.

Who are the Estranged Folks Outside?

In the third category -- the estranged folk outside -- we have the Muslims.

What do We Infer from this Knowledge?

The existence of all three groups is all that we need in order to conclude that our society is in disintegration.

How do We Get through It without Skathe?

The best way through the disintegration, to get to the "other side" is to create somethin new.

Break on through to the Other Side!

The way that creatin is done is not to create a fully blown society, but a chrysalis.  What is a chrysalis?

A chrysalis is a pod that protects a life-form while the organism transforms from one form into a new form.

Watch a Chrysalis in Nature:

What do We do in Our Chrysalis?

Strategies for growth within our chrysalis are:

1)  Self-Sufficiency.
2)  Networkin for Strenth.
3)  Boundaries -- Economic and Social.

We Supply all of Our Needs!

Self-sufficiency means that we needn't trade with outside groups nor corporations.  Some powerful groups  may not like for us to keep boundaries.

They may attack us.  That is when the might of The Network protects  us against them.

Form a Local Unit!

A local unit of our network is like a "chrysalis".  Some day our society will be mature, then it will no longer be a chrysalis.

We call our local unit a "brick", for it will not always be a chrysalis.  Seven to twelve families form our brick.  Our brick is based upon a particular interest or cause, such as
  • Art
  • Bushcraft
  • Homesteadin
  • Re-ruralizin
  • Emergency Preparedness.

Learn More!

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