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Friday, July 26, 2019

End Times Replacement Culture for the End of the Age

Let's scout the "Big Pic", the panorama of the Earthwide scene whereof we are in the middle.

How do We Know What to Expect?

History tells to us that, which will happen.  What will most likely happen.  Then we understand what to do.

End's Times -- End of What?

Students of the Holy Writ have claimed that we are in the "end times" foretold.  End of what?  It says "end of the established order".  This article is not about scripture but about historical precedent.

Accordin to astrologers we are at the end of the Age of the Fishes and about to enter the Age of the Cupbearer.

It's a nice and tight little coincidence that puts the Holy Writ's "end of the old order" simultaneous with astrology's "end of the age".

Historical Cycle Repeats

That, whereabout this article is, is the end of a fifteen-hundred-year cycle of "civilization", so-called -- or better called "cosmos" which means "established order".

"Cosmos" Means "An Established Order"

A "civilization" more properly called a "cosmos" lasts fifteen hundred years, and disintegrates, or is disintegrated, at the end.  What are the three marks of disintegration?

The 3 Signs of Disintegration of a Cosmos

A cosmos in disintegration causes three groups of folks to be formed as separate from each other:

1)  A dominant minority.

2)  Estranged folk within.

3)  Estranged folk outside.

Earthwide Western Civilization is a "First" in History

Have we reached to this stage?  Indeed we have so done!  For the first time in history we have a society that covers most of Earth.

Who are the Dominant Minority?

The dominant minority has been formed by the Zevites under the dominion of the Priory of Sion.  What!?  You don't know about the Zevites & the Priory of Sion?

As long as you stick with Family Survivors you are very likely to obtain more details about these groups, but we liefer talk 81% about solutions & only 19% about problems.

Those groups the Zevites and the Priory of Sion are problems, so we minimize our tellin of them.

Who are the Estranged Folks Within?

In the second category -- the second group that marks the disintegration of the current cosmos -- is the estranged folk within.  This group is the Unzevite Europid Whites, called also "The Dispossessed Majority".

They are Fewer than We have been Told

One of the reasons why the actor, who plays the character known as "Donald Trump", was picked to pose before the cameras as "president", is to befool white folks into thinkin that they are still a majority in the USA.  It's a trick.

For example, last time when I checked, nearly all of the animators at Disney were Chinese.  Chinese nationals have owned most of the land in Montana, & the public utilities in California.  Not Chinese-Americans,  but Chinese nationals.  Also they have had control of the Panama Canal.

Nearly all mayors of big cities, plus most of the populations of them, have been unwhite or else anti-Europid Zevites.  So we mustn't be so certain that Unzevite Europid Whites are still in majority.

Tru Keesey's Joint Networks are for Everybody

Here is the spot wherein to assure you that Tru Keesey's Joint Networks are not "White Only" but that each local unit picks its own members.

Who are the Estranged Folks Outside?

In the third category -- the estranged folk outside -- we have the Muslims.

What do We Infer from this Knowledge?

The existence of all three groups is all that we need in order to conclude that our society is in disintegration.

How do We Get through It without Skathe?

The best way through the disintegration, to get to the "other side" is to create somethin new.

Break on through to the Other Side!

The way that creatin is done is not to create a fully blown society, but a chrysalis.  What is a chrysalis?  A chrysalis is a pod that protects a life-form while the organism transforms from one form into a new form.

Watch a Chrysalis in Nature:

What do We do in Our Chrysalis?

Strategies for growth within our chrysalis are:

1)  Self-Sufficiency.
2)  Networkin for Strenth.
3)  Boundaries -- Economic and Social.

We Supply all of Our Needs!

Self-sufficiency means that we needn't trade with outside groups nor corporations.  Some powerful groups  may not like for us to keep boundaries.  They may attack us.  That is when the might of The Network protects  us against them.

Form a Local Unit!

A local unit of our network is like a "chrysalis".  Some day our society will be mature, then it will no longer be a chrysalis.

We call our local unit a "brick", for it will not always be a chrysalis.  Seven to twelve families form our brick.  Our brick is based upon a particular interest or cause, such as
  • Art
  • Bushcraft
  • Homesteadin
  • Re-ruralizin
  • Emergency Preparedness.

Learn More!

If you want to learn more about how to participate and how you will benefit, then help me to bring you together with the best resources for you by answerin the questions in the box below:

Create your own user feedback survey

Monday, June 6, 2016

Greg Szymzanski Turned His Back On Tru Keesey

Szymanski, Greg Szymanski - Greg a journalist to expose the doins of darkness.

Some people are behind him, we know not who.  They warned him that a certain type of person would approach him.  Somehow he tagged Tru Keesey as one of that type.

What they defined that type as I am not so sure.
Why would he turn his back on Tru Keesey? Is he blackmailed? His voice always sounds worried. He seems to be under a lot of pressure from others. Who might they be?

Here is Greg's website:

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pocket Knife For Hiking and Emergency - Top-Quality Materials With Window Smasher And Seatbelt Cutter

A knife, is a piece of metal that has been melted down, and formed, to be able to develop an edge that can very easily slice many materials and be used in many different ways.

A knife can be utilized when outside to create kindling, slice branches, slice rope or thread to help develop a temporary shelter, and it may also slice the textile product to be utilized in the development of the shelter.

Were you to become seriously injured during a hike and only had a knife as a tool. A knife would smoothly be able to develop a cast or covering of some sort for that certain injury, with a little resourcefulness of course.

There are also events, where a knife is not just necessary, but there are situations where a certain knife may protect lives. Like a suv accident or where a person is bound in a truck on fire.

Exactly what kind of knife am I writing about? The knife I am writing about is a razor-sharp folding knife that comprises of a window smasher, a seat belt cutter, and a pocket clip

This knife addresses all the areas which I mentioned and more. So don't delay for being ready, prepare to be prepared, by acquiring this premium quality knife.

So you might ask, where can I find this particular knife? Well for those who have read this much, you just have to scroll to the bottom of this site and click the link that will send you to the knife listing on Amazon

If you're interested in the details of this knife then please keep on reading.

Prepare yourself for almost any challenge that comes your way. A knife often is the 2nd most essential tool aside from the brain.

Quite often people are poorly prepared whenever life decides to get a little uncertain and puts us into overwhelming situations.

Situations where lives may very well be saved and where additional hurt can be avoided if only men and women had the proper equipment with them.

Anytime you, or somebody you see, is caught in a fiery car accident and the seat belt won't release, a seat belt cutter could be the most appropriate tool to help victims escape and keep you and others from additional harm.

Or If you lose control of your truck, and go under water with the automobile rapidly sinking.

A window breaker will allow you an easy escape, by easily breaking the window when there is already to much pressure from the water onto the doors to open.

When outdoor camping or on a camping trip a knife could be used to cut string and material to make a shelter or wrap a busted ankle.

So Prepare yourself for what life hurls at you, and get a seat belt cutter, a window breaker and a tactical knife altogether with this amazing tool.

Keep one with you regularly with the knife's belt/pocket clip for everyday use, or carry one inside your glove compartment for those urgent uses.

Do not be unequipped for many of life's surprises with this, excellent quality, sharp all steel, and solid Knife.

Benefits and Features

• High caliber blade steel composition (7cr17mov)
• Very solid build, made with all steel and no flimsy plastics
• Highly resistant to rust
• Ergonomic grip design with dual-sided thumb studs for easy opening
• super sharp blade
• Seat belt cutter and window breaker
• Secure liner lock to keep your fingers safe and has a belt/pocket clip for uncomplicated carrying
• Looks great and feels premium with its titanize finish

100% Risk Free With No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Always Prepare yourself.

Continue reading about this folding knife product

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Realistic Looking Fake Security Cam Deters Thieves Day & Night

It may not seem obvious that a simple and inexpensive item like a fake security camera could help prevent break-ins, but it not only works, it also comes with a valuable bonus (more about the bonus later).

Like me, you probably know that a professional security system of video cameras including monitoring and recording equipment would easily cost a hundred dollars or more. I could never afford that much for security. That's only for well-to-do families - not ordinary families like mine.

My wife and I are big fans of Amazon. She likes that she can shop without leaving home - no fighting with traffic or crowds. I love that we can get free shipping and a 2-day delivery (not to mention a money back guarantee). So, while browsing on Amazon recently, I found this fake security camera and was surprised at how affordable it was (especially considering that it was solar powered) and I decided to buy it.

Remember the bonus I mentioned? It's an exclusive 25-page report compiled by Easy Security Products based on research and analysis carried out by many agencies including police departments, the FBI, the US Department of Justice, and others - including former burglars! It's a real eye-opener. As an example, which kind of dog do you think is the best at protecting against break-ins? It is not likely the kind you think. This report has already given me several ideas that I will put to use to make my house and loved ones safer. A lot of the ideas are cost-free and are easy to apply and in addition they compliment this dummy camera perfectly.

It's impossible to describe the feeling I get seeing this dummy camera installed on the side of our house. I didn't buy just a fake security camera - I bought peace-of-mind and you can not put a price on that! I encourage you to click on the link below to order yours now. If you decide to get one, you will be glad you did. I know I am.

Check this out at security camera/

Protect your family members and feel safer with this always-on sentry.

A flashing LED light acts as a constant warning to would-be thieves.

No cost operation uses solar cells to change sunlight into electricity to recharge the included internal battery and to power the camera during the night and on cloudy days.

Two rechargeable (or standard) AAA batteries are not necessary - but recommended - to function a backup.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

IceFox Solar Smartphone Battery charger - Charge your Device on the Go!!

Use the Power of Nature!

Isn't it annoying when your battery runs out and you are unable to make or receive a crucial call as there was a power cut in your neighborhood or you were at the convenient store? But what would you say if you didn't need plug points and could charge your phone anywhere? Solar power rescues the situation once again-- a highly efficient solar energy charger!

The icefox Solar Phone Battery charger is the perfect option-- let us elaborate why:

• It can be made use of to charge a number of devices such as tablets, smartphones, digital electronic cameras, Bluetooth headsets, video games handheld consoles, GPS and other USB devices. It is suitable for Samsung, LG, Motorola, HG, and numerous devices with an Android or iOS running system.
• Making use of Smart Charge IC innovation, it is equipped with 14W photovoltaic panels that soak up sunlight and convert it into energy, which is made use of to offer power to the gadget.
• No dependence on external power while you are on the go or have actually gone camping with good friends-- the photovoltaic panels will automatically determine and link to your gadget, and charge it up 2Amp under direct sunlight.
• Super-fast speed-- any gadget can be powered up and ready to go within a fairly brief span of time.
• It is has 2 USB output ports allowing you to charge more than one gadget at the very same time-- each one is powered separately, so the overall speed isn't affected.
• The product is portable since it weighs less than a pound-- it has a compact body and is light-weight, consequently making it exceptionally practical to lug it while traveling.
• It takes up little space-- there is a hook that can be made use of to string it up on your purse while you are out or you can fold it up into a small package that can be easily tucked inside your knapsack or luggage.

The icefox Solar Phone Battery charger is a clever and useful financial investment at an extremely reasonable cost-- simply go all out and make your order at right away!

Read more about this external charger product

Solar Chargers can load any cellphones, tablets, GPS or any USB gadget.

Smart Charge Innovation: It can automatically determine and discover your gadget, delivering its fastest possible charge accelerating to 2Amp under direct sunshine.

Dual-USB Power: 14 watt photovoltaic panel provides adequate power to charge cellphones and and Ipad at the very same time.

Portable design: Compact size design for mobility. With the free hook, you may simply hang it on your bag when outdoors.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Solari Outdoor Solar Night Light with Motion Sensor for Wall Mounting - Excellent Value

Solar lighting is becoming increasingly common these days, not only due to the fact that it saves money and is friendly to the environment but due to the fact that it is so practical, given that it is totally wireless and straightforward to set up.

Recently I bought this innovative new Solari branded dual function solar night and safety light on Amazon and was impressed with the mix of functionality and stylish looks designed into a compact unit that is housed in durable stainless steel for outside applications.

It is a wall mountable unit and ideally should be positioned to get access to direct sunlight for 4-7 hours a day in order to remain lit all through the night, although I experienced that it worked well even when the days were cloudy.

The Solari unit turns on automatically soon after dark and the LED light emits a pleasant, warm glow. This light is designed to indicate the way to your front door, along a pathway, to your carport or up/down a stairway, without in any way giving the impression of being harsh or obtrusive.

If the unit detects motion within range, a second more powerful LED kicks in to enhance the light tenfold and offer short-term, localised vibrant lighting that increases safety without sending the neighbours into a frenzy!

Solari includes a built-in lithium ion battery that ought to give excellent life and can be replaced when required by removing a few screws on the back casing. Installation is easy. A mounting screw and anchor is provided in the box along with some helpful double sided tape and a properly readable instruction leaflet.

Overall, I was impressed with the level of quality of the packaging and product and enjoyed the peace of mind of knowing that it was backed by Amazon's high quality customer service.

Visit Amazon for more about this solar lights product

Stylish solar powered outside LED night light with motion detector.

Strong lighting when you need it. Soft lighting when you dont!

This elegant Solari wall mounted lighting unit offers a valuable dual function that makes it perfect for pathways, entranceways, stairways, carports and numerous other outdoor applications:

- Dusk to dawn soft night light that switches on automatically.
- Strong safety light that switches on when motion is sensed within range.
- No requirement to have to run any cabling or electrical connections.
- Solari is powered by the sun and is friendly to nature.
- A long life rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can remain in use up to five years
- Unobtrusive, but stylish and effective wall mount design
- Robust, stainless steel, climate proof finish.
- Easy and fast installation and wall mounting.
- Detailed guidance supplied in the box.
- 1 year, no quibble warranty

Saturday, June 13, 2015

iPhone 6 Case Ultra Fashionable Modern Style Yellow on Black Smart Phone Cover

The Kyasi case is really distinct. The yellow color actually "pops" and I think it looks great. It is extremely easy to grip the the three grips on each side of the case. It is a lot slimmer and light weight than an Otterbox case and this case offers an excellent quantity of defense. It has a good size lip on the front so you don't need to worry about laying it deal with down.

CUSTOMIZED STYLE - A Case Developed Particularly for the Apple iPhone 6 4.7".
VALUE - Made from Premium Grade Materials with Precision Engineering.
BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - Brilliant Design with Durable Design Works for Everyday Use.
WORKMANSHIP - Easy Access to all Ports and Buttons.
GUARANTEED - Backed by the Kyasi Lifetime Warranty.

The Newest and Coolest Case for iPhone 6

Welcome to the future! It is possible to develop an actually cool and distinct search for your iPhone. On a planet that is overrun by inexpensive cellphone accessories Kyasi has actually developed the Prime Mech case with a virtually Robotic design to it. This contemporary design is really enjoyable and makes your phone totally distinct.

The Kyasi Prime Mech is an incredibly easy yet highly functional case for the iPhone 6. It's simpleness lies in the advanced design but it retains the safety value of a case that is so required. This light-weight bumper design case is easy to grip and adds a lot of defense with a slim fit.

Product Functions:

• Fashionable Design
• Made for for Apple iPhone 6 4.7 Inch
• Easy to Install on Your Device
• Lightweight
• Easy Maintenance
This product is backed by the Kyasi Lifetime Warranty.

It's Not Just a Case, It's a Kyasi!

Click for more about this iphone 6 case product