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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Look at a Subdivision's Fight for Water

Thanks to Hurricane Katrina and later Mississippi flooding, Louisiana surely has appeared in the news a lot over the years. We've seen the pictures and heard the stories, but most of us can't conceive what it has been like living in these disaster areas. You've probably never even heard about Broussard, LA, a place in which a subdivision is battling for water rights. People no longer have the ability to live a normal life thanks to the water problems this unannexed community is facing. It is vital that something be done about the situation quickly.

This subdivision has yet to be annexed by the city of Broussard even though the city completely surrounds it. The city has concentrated on annexing commercial areas since they bring in revenue. That has left the people of the subdivision out in the cold, so to speak, when it comes to sharing the clean, fresh water available in the rest of the town. The water they have access to isn't even suitable for bathing or laundry let alone cooking. This dirty water causes blisters and sores on the body when used for bathing.

Residents haven't stood idly by as they've tried to find ways to overcome these problems. They've tried to use water filters, but the price of operating them is very high since they go bad very quickly. They have turned to drinking bottled water which means still another added expense. They say that they aren't even able to launder their own clothing using the water, because the clothes come out of the washer dirtier than when they were put in. In vain they have appealed to the city of Broussard to annex them so that they can hook up to the city water, but the city is not quick to go along with this idea.

Money is the main thing that's preventing it from happening. Although the Broussard water system operates well, it could not be stretched to cover the annexed subdivision without a great cost. There isn't enough money to fix the problem thanks to the fact that Louisana doesn't have any property taxes. You're probably wondering what the homeowners in this subdivision are supposed to do about the problem. Basically without usable water and with homes that have no resale value, because no one wants to live there. Doc No.sdlkh-sdAE

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