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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

LED Crackle-glass Round Solar Stake Lights, Solar Garden Goddess. Party, Gazebo, Garden, Landscape Lighting

Solar Garden Goddess has bright LED solar yard landscape lights to boost your yard for free.

Would you like to cost efficiently decorate your yard or landscape for celebrations and occasions or personal pleasure while unwinding? Would you like to illuminate your patio or deck beautifully without cables and lighten dark landings for protection and security?

I enhance my yard with lovely cracked-glass 3 color-changing solar stake lights that can be placed anywhere in your yard, on your deck or patio and even in a flower pot or on a fence or post. Also, there are no electrical cables to stumble over as they include a LED solar panel that soaks up the sun all day to give stunning transitioning colored lights from dusk until dawn. Place them strategically alongside stairs for security and illuminate an entrance for protection. They include rechargeable batteries to further make this a truly environmentally friendly and green item that is positive to our environment.

There is no need to leave your home as permits you to buy online with free of cost shipping. They have a fantastic money-back guarantee that guarantees you are constantly pleased with your purchase. Products are constantly well-packed for security and delivered when you request it.

My decision to decorate my patio with several sets of lights has actually been a treat for me and my family and truly boosts the experience of entertaining friends on my patio. If you would like the exact same experience with solar or would like to have the color changing atmosphere they offer, then go to to get yours now. If you choose to try them out, let me know your thoughts as I am sure that you will be happy with your purchase.

Harness the Power of the Sun to Illuminate your Garden.
Garden and Landscape lighting is now economical eco-friendly without any expense to operate.
- Decorative lighting can be used in all seasons.
- Outdoor light sockets and power cables are no longer essential
Solar Color-changing Cracked-glass Garden Stake Light
- An everyday full charge from the sun will brighten your landscape.
- The sun charges the LEDs free of cost of cost.
- Eco-friendly with solar energy and rechargeable battery
-The Super Bright LED 3-Color innovation makes sure that you delight in many hours of mesmerizing color.
- The stainless steel stake will not flex or break and securely supports the glass decorator globe.
-These solar-powered, battery-operated ornamental lights are made to be weather resistant for any season.
- Change your patio to thrill your guests with mood-enhancing party lighting.
- Makes a perfect gift.
Product Care and Assembly:
Ensure parts are snugly fit. Insert to a reasonable depth with a firm push at the base to lower possible damage. Move the switch to "On".
Totally charged with 8 hours of sun.
Product Design and Characteristic:
-3.5" Diameter Set of 3 transparent High Quality Cracked-glass globes
-Amorphous Solar Panel with extremely bright LED 3-Color innovation
-AA N1-MH 1.2 V 600 MAH Rechargeable battery included
-Stainless Steel rod yard stake will extend from 22" to 30" in height- Showcases a hassle-free on/off switch located safely under the panel. Returns are honored with a complete refund. These will not last long.
Click the Yellow "Add to Cart" button to enhance your yard, landscape and patio

Check this LED solar lights product out at Amazon now

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The LED Desk Lamp That Saves Effort - Maybe Even A Life

The PowerSafe LifeTool is a wireless rechargeable solar LED desk lamp made to be helpful in any environment. It is totally portable so you can take it where ever you go. Use it in your home, the workplace, dorm room, and even just walking through a dark parking area during the night.

1. Lighting Options: The PowerSafe has 12 ultra-bright LED lights recessed into the flip-out arm of the tool. The arm rotates 180 degrees for use as a floodlight. At 90 degrees, the recessed lights are ideal for study, reading, and various other table top work. The switch is a dial so you can pick any level of brightness.

2. The PowerSafe is also a one-of-a-kind portable security system that has an ultra-bright, flashing LED emergency light and a siren that seems like a loud auto alarm. Envision these Circumstances:

- On a weekend in a half-deserted dormitory a basic flip of a switch can scare a would-be trespasser away.
- Walking to your auto after work can be much easier with your personal alarm.
- walking through the wilderness, turn an ankle and can not walk. The siren notifies others from the next ridge over.
- Your mother slips and falls in her apartment and cannot get up ... well, you understand.

Various other Uses and Attributes: Weather updates, listen to your favorite| music, charge mobile devices, floodlight to change a tire or check under the hood after the dark, a USB cable and port to charge the facility by computer and a hand crank dynamo for absence of sunshine.

3 Year Limited Guarantee:
Customer service and standing behind our product is what sets us apart from the others. Your PowerSafe LifeTool is guaranteed to function for up to 3 years. If, under normal use conditions, any of the primary functions of the unit ceases to work contact DTC LifeTools and we will replace it free of cost.

Get Yours Today!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

How To Change Your Home Into Something Amazing With Solar Energy Lights

Generate an immediate atmosphere with these beautiful solar star lights. They are easy to set up and use outside your home and garden. Generate a exciting or romantic atmosphere around your home and landscaping with these pretty star lights. These are excellent for making use of below your back yard. Could even be utilized indoors in a sunlit region!

The pretty star shaped lights automatically turn on at sunset and switch off at dawn. These lights provide a good soft light that is not invasive, they glow pure white light rather that a warm yellow. The lights are sturdy and have no requirement for electricity. The parts are produced from very sturdy material for hard outside environments, with no need to connect an electrical circuit and no utility bills to pay. The Solar sensor is produced from amorphous silicon.

Really sturdy and lasts for years with a generous string length - about 12 metres. Help our atmosphere by using the power of the sun, save energy and reduce light pollution by using these lights. These LED lights provide a good soft light that is not evasive. Lighten up places where there is no electricity. Why pay for electricity when you have free sunlight?

Our solution comes with a 100% consumer satisfaction assure. Our satisfaction assure makes this a no threat obtain. Buy with self-confidence! We offer you a 90 day 100 percent consumer satisfaction assurance. The only star string with a lifetime no-hassle replacement assurance! If there is any fault with your LED string lights return them for a free replacement.

Continue reading about this LED star lights product

Everyone loves to gather something or to bring a particular focus to a favourite item. What simpler way to bring consideration to your interests than by using star rope lights? Right here are some useful tips on how to incorporate star string lights into your decorations.

Hold it basic and stay away from a cluttered appearance, select just a single or two designs to boost your decor. For instance, in a kitchen, stick to a particular color scheme and add some star lights like grape clusters, based on your desired theme.

When you determine on a particular theme, it will make the next step of deciding on designs and colors simpler and stop you from going overboard which may lead you to feeling overwhelmed with your project. There is no need to fret when there are hundreds of selections of star rope lights to attempt.

But remember, star lights can be utilised everywhere or as accent pieces. They are so distinctive and unexpected and can add whimsy and definition to even a tabletop, highlighting a particular collection or item of interest. Throughout the holidays, they can be an thrilling and surprising addition to your festive pieces, but if you are struggling with how to incorporate star rope lights into decor, attempt a few right here and there.

If you are throwing a party, placing collectively a theme like a beach party or luau is easy with margarita silhouettes, lighthouses, flip flops or beer mugs. Maybe the wildwest theme is your favourite, or a theme with red, white and blue with fire trucks and fire helmets to celebrate our American patriotism.

For whatever occasion, you will discover a star light to match it. Picture them matched with orange, green and red mini lights! Budweiser bottles or cans and wine bottles and beer mugs might aid total a pub-like atmosphere inside or out. Your imagination will be so expanded when you see the incredible choice of rope lights you can select from right now!
When you use star rope lights, the conversation can't aid but be filled with laughs and lighthearted moments. Light up your life and those you adore with this added touch that is memorable and unexpected.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10 New Technology Gadgets To Forecast For This 2013

2013 is a rich year for the technophile, with numerous exhilarating latest technology gadgets coming out this year - but specifically what kind of cool new devices should you foresee this year? Right here are some of the bestyou must watch for from the latter half of the year:

1. Quad Core Smartphones - these most current tech devices have significantly far more processing power than the already-mighty dual core cell phones, creating for a considerably smoother user experience while handling a number of high-powered apps with ease.

2. 4G-Built in Smartphones - the most current quad core cell phones will be complemented effectively by 4G feature. This high-speed portal makes it possible for you to watch flawless ultra high-definition videos without buffering and downloading big files instantly.

3. Popular Phablets - this line of new technology gadgets was proven to be a sleeper stroke thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note, which is why we are seeing far more and more of these great tech items appear in 2013.

4. Ultra Mobile PCs - if you are a lover of Microsoft Windows or simply favor utilizing the Windows operating system, then you'll absolutely be glad to know that far more of Windows-powered new technology gadgets are gradually but surely hitting the industry.

5. Bendy Phones And Tablet PCs - practically nothing screams new technology gadgets really like a smartphone that really twists and turns. These cell phones will be particularly attractive to those that hate getting huge bulges poking out from the pockets of their handbags or pants.

6. Next-Gen Gaming Consoles - The Xbox 720 is anticipated to appear later this year with the Playstation four on its heels as well. Avid video gamers will absolutely want to keep an eye on these great tech items as they get released.

7. Android-Powered Consoles - Adore Android games but want a larger screen to operate with? The GameStick and Ouya consoles are made particularly to bring Android games to the TV screen, creating it possible to share and take pleasure in Android games with friends and family.

8. Augmented Reality Glasses - Google Glass has generated many buzz around it, with particular recipients currently showcasing the potential of Glass for each enjoyment and work. Just imaging packing a hands-free cell phones with you wherever you go!

9. Virtual Reality Goggles - The Oculus Rift is one of the most current tech devices to bring VR back to life. The good factor is that the current state of video gaming technologies tends to make it possible for VR goggles to succeed - providing the Rift a likelihood to genuinely strut its stuff when it gets released.

10. Interactive Social TV - there is a expanding roster of TV shows with results that can be influenced by you - the viewer. This interactive experience also tends to make it possible to make ones top purchases by simply 'clicking' on TV advertisements. This streamlines the entire process and delete the requirement to switch focus away from your favored shows while you respond to an advertisement.

Watch on these new technology gadgets and you'll be prepared for what 2013 has to offer to you!

Powersafe LifeTool Solar Lamp and Security Lighting, Alarm System, Weather Updates, Music, Charges Mobile Devices

Does Your Reading Light Simply Sit There Doing Nothing Most of the Time? Not Any longer!

DTC LifeTools is devoted to bringing you the highest quality emergency, protection, and safety devices available. So how does a reading lamp qualify as a DTC LifeTool? Let try to count some of the reasons: The FM radio can provide a source for weather condition updates when camping and hiking. The bright red flashing LED emergency warning light with a siren that sounds similar to a loud auto alarm has more possible uses than can be listed here. A couple of such circumstances consist of SOS or distress calls in survival situations while out in the wilderness. If the battery goes dead from extended use, just leave it in the sun for a while and turn it on again. The security uses can also consist of walking alone in the evening, crossing university after dark, walking to your car after work - if a would-be purse snatcher, stalker or burglar does come along, just flip a switch and enjoy seeing them run. If an older relative who lives alone in an apartment or condominium needs help and cannot call out, all they have to do is switch on the alarm.

The LED flashlight includes three ultra-bright LED lights for a more concentrated beam right where you need it. To switch on the flashlight merely slide the switch with your thumb. If you happen to spot something "alarming" just slide the switch in the opposite direction to trigger the bright red flashing LED emergency light and exceptionally loud siren! Even if it's only an animal rummaging through the trash, you are likely to scare it so bad that it never ever visits your trash again!

The reading lamp has 12 ultra bright LED lights with a dimmer switch to permit settings of any brightness, best whether You desire a nightlight effect, unwinding atmosphere, reading, study, or table top tasks and projects that require extraordinary lighting. These super-bright LED lights provide a pure white glow that can fill out a room. The flip-out arm of the device rotates 180 degrees to permit use as a floodlight for unique tasks such as working under the hood of your auto, changing a tire along the roadside after dark. The uses for the PowerSafe appear only to be restricted by one's own imagination.

Check this out at desk lamp/

The PowerSafe LifeTool is a cordless rechargeable solar desk lamp made to be beneficial in any environment. It is totally portable so you can take it where ever you go. Use it in your home, the office, dorm room, as well as just walking with a dark parking lot in the evening.

1. Lighting Options: The PowerSafe has 12 ultra-bright LED lights recessed into the flip-out arm of the device. The arm rotates 180 degrees for use as a floodlight. At 90 degrees, the recessed lights are best for study, reading, and other desk top work. The switch is a dial so you can pick any level of brightness.

2. Personal Protection System: The PowerSafe is also a one-of-a-kind portable protection system that has an ultra-bright, flashing LED emergency light and a siren that sounds like a loud vehicular alarm. Envision these Scenarios:

- On a weekend in a half-deserted dorm an easy flip of a switch can scare a would-be intruder away.
- Walking to your vehicular after work can be much easier with your personal alarm.
- walking through the wilderness, twist an ankle and can not walk. The siren notifies others from the next ridge over.
- Your mom slips and falls in her apartment and cannot get up ... well, you understand.

3. Other Uses and Features: Weather updates, hear your favorite songs, charge mobile devices, floodlight to change a tire after the dark, a USB cable and port to charge the facility by pc and a hand crank dynamo for absence of sunlight.

Three Year Limited Guarantee:
Customer Service and Standing behind our product is what sets us apart from the others. Your PowerSafe LifeTool is guaranteed to function for up to three years. If, under normal use conditions, any of the primary functions of the unit ceases to work contact DTC LifeTools and we will replace it free of cost.

Click the Buy Button to Get Yours Today!

Friday, August 2, 2013

LifeResQ Emergency Escape Tool With Six Useful Features In A Compact Keychain Design

The LifeResQ 6-in1 auto escape device is different to various other comparable tools on the market today. Firstly it has an attractive design that fits neatly onto a keychain and/or can be held in a pocket or bag without any sharp edges or points digging in or damaging surroundings. It has a long life battery which is also quickly exchangeable if required, and for that reason has a long helpful life.

The battery powered functions include a bright white illumination light to be used to find your way through a dark location or to possibly find a door key hole. It can also serve in non dangerous circumstances as easy as wanting to search a bag, boot or auto interior, and for that reason has great deals of practical uses.

The flashing SOS red warning signal is recognized by emergency personnel as a sign someone is in distress and needs assistance. It is also extremely bright and can be quickly seen.

The last function assisted by the battery is the convenient digital tire gauge. Safety companies specify that tire pressures need to be checked at least monthly, as regular running and use can cause tires to loose pressure. Incorrectly inflated tires will too soon wear the tire requiring costly very early replacement, and will also influence the performance of the auto. One reason tire pressure upkeep is often overlooked is since many owners do not hold a tire presuure gauge with them, or if they do have one, have trouble finding it at the correct time. The LifeResQ 6-in1 security device has this constructed in and can show pressure in 3 formats, kPa, psi and BAR.

The various other attributes consisting of the safety belt cutter, loud whistle, and window glass hammer are all reusable components of the device and manually operated.

New LifeResQ 6-in-1 Safety Tool Can Save Your Life - Peace Of Mind - A Great Gift Idea. How would you escape the following threatening situations?- Trapped In A Serious Car Accident- Seatbelt Is Stuck In Place and Will Not Unlatch- Doors Will Not Release, Power Windows Stuck- In A Ditch Or Dark Location- Injured And Can't Walk To Attract Assistance. Introducing The NEW LifeResQ 6-in-1 Safety Tool !
1. Recessed Razor Sharp Seat Belt Cutter, no exposed blade.
2. Spring Loaded Window Glass Breaker
3. Bright White Light To Illuminate Immediate Area
4. Flashing SOS Red Signal gets attention of Emergency Workers
5. Loud Whistle to Attract Attention
6. Handy DIGITAL tire pressure gauge to check tires at home before any long trip.

A solid durable, yet light, high quality tool that will last years. All features have been thoroughly tested and approved by quality engineers during design and manufacture.

Looking For A Unique Gift Idea? - Superbly packaged box ready to gift to your partner, children, family members or valued friend. Easily wrapped for birthday's, anniversaries, Christmas, wedding gifts, bon voyage gifts, fathers day, mothers day, valentines day.

Lifetime Guarantee- Apart from intentional or accidental misuse or abuse, we will replace any faulty product free of charge. Your purchase is risk free from any defects.Satisfaction Guarantee- We provide a 7 day satisfaction guarantee. If you contact us directly within seven days of purchase with concerns about the product compared to our offering above, we shall gladly refund your purchase.LIMITED TIME PRICING OFFER !

- Reward Yourself, Give Peace Of Mind and/or Give A Valued Gift To A Special Person In Your Life!

See more about this car escape tool product