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Monday, April 28, 2014

Text with gist of Bear Grylls Island Survival Tips

Family Survivors has converted a good deal of the advice and teaching of Bear Grylls into text, on the subject of "Survival on an Island".

On the same web page you will find several videos that give great tips on the same topic.

For instance, there is a great deal of detail on how to get into the shore, even if it is rocky, and get up beyond the danger zone safely.

One tip is to practice the swimming sidestroke now while you have the time to practice it.

Here is the link to the website:

Here is another video for you to see on Island Survival:

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Having A Seed Vault Will Protect Your Family

Should you be one of us to be prepared should society go from normal to terrible either through a weather or government caused social disaster then you need to consider not only the near term requirements of your family but also dealing with the long term if things are horrible. The long term means making sure you have a solid food supply for your family. In times of crisis it may not be possible to get food. Distribution may be cut off. That is where having a seed vault in your cache becomes essential. If you can plant and grow nutritious vegetables for your household you will be way ahead of the game. This seed kit will ensure that you have the ability to grow your own healthy food.

After viewing this video you should have a great idea of what the kit contains and how useful it can be for your prepper cache. We think you will want to get your own survival seed vault to have in your cache.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Awesome Microfiber Cloths For Lenses And screens - launch Offer

Imaginal Products have actually just introduced a new range of superior quality microfiber cloths for keeping lenses, touch screens, eyeglasses, mobile phones, electronic cameras, etc clean. They are called "ClearBrights". Have a look at the video:


They are without a doubt the very best microfiber cloths that we have checked out - truly soft, a respectable size, really reliable (due to their advanced microfiber technology), lint free & reuseable. Whats more they are offering them at a wonderful affordable price!
They are presently available in a 6 pack, on at $9 below the list cost & if you use the discount code that you will find in the video description, they take off another $2, so that they are half price!
In a world where we are often so dependant on & in love with our techy gizmos, it's good to have a truly safe & reliable means to keep them in an ideal condition.

The Versatile DTC Solar Emergency Radio

The PowerSafe solar emergency radio has an FM stereo that easily pulls in only those frequencies that are audible from your geographic area. It's also a great jobsite radio for monitoring the big game or keeping up with breaking news or tracking a serious weather system.

The cool LED desk lamp may also save your life one day. One minute you could be using the unit as a desk lamp and the next it could be instrumental in saving lives. Some examples include sending SOS signals in survival situations such as immobilizing injury while hiking rugged terrain. Or maybe you are walking alone at night, crossing college campus after hours, going to your vehicle at the end of your shift. Imagine if a potential stalker does approach. You simply flick a switch to the alarm that is as loud as many car alarms and watch them run. Or maybe an aging family member who lives alone needs help and can't call out. All they need to do is flip on the alarm and flashing beacon.

The LED flashlight consists of 3 ultra-bright LED lights that cast a focused beam right where you want it. If you happen to identify something of concern, simply slide a switch to activate the flashing LED emergency light and very loud siren. Even if it's just an animal digging through your trash, you are likely to frighten it so bad that it never comes around your trash again! We are aware that dogs cannot tolerate this noise and they will not stick around to listen to it.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Multitool - Multifunction Plier - Excellent Choice Among Leatherman, Gerber, Swiss, Stanley and Winchester

Multitool Survival Kit-- Win A Guy or Lady by Giving Them This Gadget

A multitool is a handy device to have. It is a necessary device if you are into your home projects and upkeep (whether you like it or not). Nevertheless, a multifunction tool set is even more than a gadget for your home. It is likewise a great device to bring around with you when you go hunting, fishing, or simply hiking in the woods.

A quality multitool set need to consist of crucial features such as pliers, knife blades, screwdrivers, can and bottle openers. Cost wise, the device should preferably be under $50 each. Searching for a quality survival multitool kit in retail stores is not easy. The best method to look for a multifunction device is on Amazon. Simply get on their internet site and key in "multitool", "multifunction tool set" or "multipurpose tool" in the search box and you'll find numerous options. Nevertheless, not all multi tools are made equal. Besides the cost factor to consider, you ought to investigate the product information thoroughly. I discovered one that has life time warranty (see the image and link below).

It is a great idea to keep at least one multitool at home, one in the garage and bring one with you when you go fishing, hunting, and even hiking. Much better yet, win a man or lady over by offering him or her a multitool. It's a perfect present for men and women of all ages, all year. If you are thinking of acquiring one today (you ought to), continue looking into by clicking the link below. After you have made the purchase and got the product, please drop me a note to let me hear exactly how you feel having one in your residence and car.


This multitool Is great for your home projects.
Multifunction tool comes with nylon sheath and belt loop, to be strapped onto a belt while completing jobs around the house. Multifunction device consists of pliers, knife, various size screwdrivers, Philips head, inch measurement.

It is a necessary survival device for outdoor activities. The multifunction device set acts as needle-nose plier, knives, fish scaler, inch scale, can and bottle opener for fishing, camping, hiking, hunting needs and survival device set. The multi tool is made of stainless steel and comes with a nylon sheath and belt loop for easy access.

The multitool is also supported by a lifetime no-hassle free replacement warranty.

Get yours now at plier/

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Azost - Solar Crackle Glass Ball Color Atering Light

In the pursuit of making an revolutionary style and effect on home landscape, garden and yard lighting has turn out to be increasingly instrumental to designing. Careful planning your lighting place and the quantity to install are crucial. A single of the more distinctive and visually-pleasing lighting tactics in your garden is the use of solar crackle glass ball.

When sunlight shines on Solar Crackle Glass Ball Lights, the glass crackle balls will produce a sparkling reflection, hence producing your garden and backyard look more lively and dazzling. The glass ball is positioned 34" effectively above the ground to be spotted simply from far.

In the open region beneath excellent sunlight, constructed-in solar panel will consistently generate solar energy and in turn charges up the rechargeable 1,600 mAh AA NiCd battery supplied. Not only does it steer clear of incurring new electrical billing, it also aids in atmosphere conservation by cutting down the effect of green-property effect without having disposing dangerous gases or chemical.

When the surrounding turns dark, the Solar Crackle Glass Ball Lights automatically lights up itself by providing seven rotating colors from the extended lasting LED bulb. Such decorative display of multi-color lights guarantee to impress your guest and even passers-by.

Installation is hassle-cost-free and want no encounter. Merely point the sharp edge of the metal stake to any position in the garden or yard that will get sunlight in the course of the day and pluck it into the ground firmly. Let the batteries in the lights to charge at least a full day to attain their maximum brightness. These lights are powered by the sun and are practically upkeep cost-free. It has no unsightly wiring and therefore it doesn't pose any danger of electric shock even to a child.

Solar Crackle Glass Ball Lights is the best further to the home's garden landscape. It blends nicely with the surrounding shrub or bushes. When night falls, these illuminated globes seem as the planets in the galaxy, each sparkles in its personal colors like stars.

The reliability of LED bulb and metal stake make Solar Crackle Glass Ball Lights a best decision for extended-lasting decorative lighting all year round and is erosion resistant. Each and every LED bulb has a extremely extended lifespan of at least 10,000 hours and these will remove the want to consistently stock up light bulb and therefore lesser upkeep work can be anticipated.

In the event of total blackout, these Solar Crackle Glass Ball Lights will assist to provide emergency lights leads to the principal gates by following the illuminated path shone by these glass globes.

Solar Crackle Glass Ball Lights are your total resolution for each emergency sources of lighting and decorative purposes for any properties in US. With the ease of installation and the low upkeep of the lights, the encounter of adding more solar crackle ball lights to the landscape becomes solely focused on the creativity and enjoyment of designing your dreamed home.

Solar Crackle Glass Ball light is made to give longer and brighter output with 7 changing colored light with 600 mAh rechargeable battery completely charged by constructed-in solar panels.

Get yours now at ball solar lights/

Monday, April 14, 2014

# 1 Emergency LED Flashlight for Vehicles and yachts

THOUSANDS OF INDIVIDUALS GET TERRIBLY HURT AS WELL AS DIE IN SOME CASES EVERY YEAR WHILE CHANGING A TIRE OR DEALING WITH THEIR BROKEN DOWN AUTOMOBILE AT NIGHT ON THE ROAD ... DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM! As an ex-police officer, I have seen too many people killed or terribly hurt while altering a blowout or dealing with their immobilized automobile on the side of the roadway in the evening. I even witnessed circumstances when boats broke down in the evening therefore drifting lost for hours up until some help might get to them, it might be too late.

In such cases, an emergency Light offers you the protection and assistance you require if your automobile ever breaks down on the side of the roadway or your boat wanders aimlessly in the evening. You can count on this small buddy, which can incredibly end up being the supreme lifesaver for you in any of the unanticipated occasions.

An extremely bright flashlight will never let you down. Exactly what sets this Xtreme Bright LED flashlight gadget apart from its kind that its - 18 Ultra Bright LED lights in the barrel/shaft of the light will easily lights up some of the most tightest places to see! - 8 Flashing LED lights in the barrel/shaft to alert oncoming cars or rescuers! - High-powered magnet at the end of the flashlight sticks to the side of your car cautioning others of your location while your hands remain free. Range of over 500 feet - ALWAYS noticeable!

Constantly bear in mind, do not trust the safety and security of you or among your loved ones with some low-quality imitation, therefore, it refers high quality protection and reliability that everybody is worthy of.

Super Bright LED Flashlight w 26 LED Lights In The Barrel, Utilizes 3 AAA Batteries!

Made of Superior Quality Military Grade Aluminum, Rubberized Grip, Guaranteed to Last, & SAVE LIVES!

High Powered Magnet Bottom, Stays with Any Metal Surface Like the Side of Your Vehicle or Boat Motor!

3 Light Modes: Bright Flashlight) 18 White LED Lights in Barrel) 8 Flashing LED Red Lights in Barrel!

Finest No Concerns, No Trouble LIFETIME ASSURANCE.

Keep reading about this Emergency Vehicle Flashlight product

Sunday, April 6, 2014

3 In 1: Jobsite Radio, Emergency Radio, And Boombox

The MiniBoomer LifeTool is made as an must have "grab-n-go" multifunctional emergency radio ideal for quick evacuations such as during weather emergencies, natural disasters, and other emergency preparedness scenarios. Not just another jobsite radio, it also pulls its weight in many other ways. At DTC LifeTools we make emergency kit products that are useful even when there is no emergency.

The MiniBoomer is built to travel; the compact stereo fits snugly in one hand, doubles as super-bright LED flashlight, emergency blinking beacon and alarm system - just touch a button to get attention quickly. Stay informed on the news, threatening weather, and the game as well.

The MiniBoomer Boombox and Emergency Radio is also a perfect strategy to get your children involved enough to take part in emergency planning for the entire family. Being bright yellow, this compact stereo is easy to locate, and being a modern stereo it is likely the children will know exactly where it can be located, if they don't already have it with them! It could be their job to grab the little boombox on the way out in an emergency scenario. And, their "job" is critical to the plan because this particular grab-n-go tool has an incredible amount of uses making it one of the most important and useful things to possess in an emergency.

Here is a short list of features of the MiniBoomer Emergency Radio:

1. Twin Track Music Player with Eight Audio Modes
2. Emergency Siren with Flashing Light
3. Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight
4. Outputs Music from AM/FM Stereo, USB, & High Capacity SD Card
5. AUX Audio Input to Function as a Speaker System for Computer, Mobile, MP3 Player, Etc.
6. Charge it with the Hand Crank|Crank} Dynamo or USB Port
7. Recharges your Cell Phone and Other Devices
8. Telescoping Antenna
9. Supports 4 AA Batteries for Backup
10. Stout, Bright Color, and Compact!