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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Remote Emergency Battery Offers Numerous Hours Of Prolonged Life For All Your Gizmos!

Have you ever discovered yourself in a remote area, needing to make a call - then found out you 'd forgotten to charge your phone before leaving your home?

My son was backpacking with a buddy a couple of weeks earlier. His pal slipped and wedged his ankle in between two rocks. A great deal of pain; a little fear - and time to call for aid! Guess what - his mobile phone was dead. Panic, right? NO! He had a mobile battery charger in his knapsack. He plugged his phone into the power-pack, made the call - and aid came in no time. He told me that having that portable power-pack was worth GOLD to him at that moment, and he would never ever be without it in the future!

I barely finished telling my spouse about this occurrence, when she got on her laptop and said "Honey, we need to get a couple of those things - one for each of us!" She is a passionate online consumer and lives & dies by Amazon. She likes the cash we conserve with the free shipping on Amazon Prime - and she never ever needs to worry about being pleased with her purchase due to the fact that "Amazon will certainly make it right - no matter what!".

Great choice! Two days later we each had an extremely nice looking, portable battery charger that we can take with us anywhere we go! It's hardly larger than our mobile phone, and will actually charge 2 gadgets at the same time. It has "clever power management" so over/under charging is not a problem. Now we're constantly shielded when we're "out and about".

Perhaps it's only me - however I love having several hours of added power with me for any device I need to recharge - whether I'm on a flight or in the field. I didn't know such a little product might make such a huge difference in my hectic world. And if you're anything like me, I would urge you to click the link below to order your power backup now and see through your own experience. If you decide to test one out, let me have your thoughts. I'm sure you will certainly be even more than impressed!

More about this Portable Power product

Sleek, portable back-up battery, for all your technological devices.
Intelligent power management with lithium ion battery that avoids over/under charging.
Extremely effective (12,000 mAh) battery charger goes where you go.
Charges two gadgets concurrently with twin USB ports.
Four LED indication lights monitor balance of charger power.

Back To School: LED Desk Lamp, Emergency Radio Combo

Back to School lines are already forming and DTC LifeTools has several products that are excellent back to school items for this year. For example, the DTC PowerSafe LifeTool is a great accessory for any dorm room or study area for many reasons.

First, this versatile LED desk lamp is great for studying on the move or in a dedicated area. It has a dimmer-type switch that allows the user to dial up or down the light to the ideal level. Sleeping roommates who live in the same area would be appreciative of this non-intrusive feature. The unit is cordless and therefore portable. This makes studying possible anywhere, even out on campus after dark.

Running a close second are the built-in security functions that can make the difference when walking alone after dark. Flip on the alarm and ultra-bright red flashing emergency beacon and send those stray dogs and other varmints (or two legged predators) scampering back into the dark. If you want to be confident about this, just read the Amazon reviews on the Powersafe product listing page. You will find several reviews from people saying things such as "My dog can't stand the loud noise."

The next thing that makes this product such a great back to school must have is the emergency radio feature. Many people study best with music playing. How many students can pull a cordless desk lamp out of their backpack that also plays their favorite music? The product reviews on Amazon also verify the excellent reception of local FM channels on the PowerSafe.

There are many more features of the PowerSafe LifeTool that make it a excellent back to school "must have" item. Think driving to and from school - how important can a portable floodlight, emergency radio, siren and flashing emergency light, or cell phone charger be on the road, after dark, all alone?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

AKO Savior Ultra-compact Portable Charger Battery Bank - A Fantastic Product at an Amazing Price.

This was the last time I got a phone call from my wife about her smartphone Juice going dead as a result of my child playing and using the battery. I have had it. Enough!!! I said and just started searching for the solution.. I said to in my mind, there has to be some solution..

I am so happy that I am able to find the solution, this amazing product, AKO Savior Ultra-Compact Portable Charger!!!

It looks beautiful and able to charge an Smartphone to its full 100% charge in about 1 hour. Its flexible so one can carry it anywhere without being tied to a AC cord. It is extremely lightweight and fashionable. Its the amazing solution.

I was able to get this AKO Savior Premium Ultra compact Charger at Amazon and it is really a life saver. It is amazing technology, does its job of quickly charging iPhone and can cooly stay in a purse or a pocket. Its rechargeable and multi use.

Now I am using this product on long flights where there are always no places for power outlets to charge my SmartPhone. Its amazing gadget I can get for a peace of mind. I let my kids play on my smartphone on and on knowing that I have an backup power when I need it. I use all those battery draining GPS apps to the fullest without ever worrying about getting stuck with a dead smartphone battery.

This is the amazing designed product for the price and the use!!!!

Thank You AKO Savior, You are truly the "Savior"!!!!

Check out this ultra-compact portable charger product now

The Secret of Never to Worry About Your Android Battery Discharged Again!!!
Everyone has gone through it, Losing the Smartphone Battery at the worst possible moment. As a result, we end up �not�using the Android to its Fullest Capabilities. Not anymore with this Great Product, its truely�a "Savior" breaking you free from the thoughts of a Dead SmartPhone Battery.

The Sleek External Portable Emergency Use Power Juice for Your SmartPhone.
- Ultra-Compact and Lightweight with Fast Charging, Quickly Charges your SmartPhone (Full Charge in 1 Hour). �
- Highest Quality Li-Ion Battery for Durable and Long Lasting Use, Rechargeable, Use it 500+ times.�
- Beautiful and Portable, Carry it in your Purse, Pocket, Office Bag.

You Will Never be Stranded due to a Dead Cellphone Battery after�owning this Amazing Product.
Its Perfect for Supplying the Battery Juice for your SmartPhone!!! You will get a fast and full Smartphone recharge, and Best of all its so Small and Lightweight that you will be fully Mobile and not tied to a power�cord or AC outlet while your SmartPhone is being charged.

Supports All Leading SmartPhones such as Apple iPhone (all Models), iPad (all models),�
iPod, Samsung (Cable Included) Galaxy S4, S3, Note, HTC, LG. Legacy non-smartphone cell Phones.

Backed by Best No Hassle Money Back Guarantee to Give You Peace of Mind

Get this Amazing Product Everyone is talking about at this Lowest Sale Price. Limited Quantities at hand and this Sale Price will not last long. Order Yours Today!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Why Everyone Should Have A Multitool

A reliable multitool such as multitool leatherman, multitool gerber or Tools of Life is an essential device for home jobs. It is likewise fantastic to make use of as a survival tool kit as a swiss army knife for outdoor recreation activities. As some buyers composed the following reviews about their newly acquired multitools:.


"I bought this multitool to keep in my handbag because there have been a lot of times when I look for a device and have had to improvise with something that didn't really work or just wait until I returned home. I have actually only had the tool for about a week or so, however already I have actually had occasion to make use of the needle nose pliers, the screwdriver and the knife. It really is convenient and I love that it folds up easily and has its own lugging case."-- JAM.

"You never ever anticipate when you're going to need to take care of something on the fly. This tool kit is compact and very convenient with it's multiple retractable tool heads and fold-away handle. It's very durable, which is a must when doing specific repair work. This is something that any car owner must carry with them in case of emergency situation. It likewise has a case to store your kit for safe keeping. Highly advised." - DJB.

Offer a multi tool to somebody this Father's Day, or any day of the year. You'll be pleased you did. It is an easy way to win and man or woman, by giving them what they are in need, and like-- a quality multitool.

Friday, July 4, 2014

SAVE TODAY 80% on Tire Right 8-in-1 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

It was difficult to one one device for the vehicle that could accommodate multiple functions in case of an emergency situation. Until we discovered the Tire Right, not only a Digital Tire Pressure Gauge but its far more. We are super excited about the digital technology discovered on this Digital Tire Pressure Gauge. This device is geared up with 8 functions in one device and is known for being super user friendly. Every vehicle should have one!

The Tire Right is geared up with multiple functions such as an LED flashlight, emergency situation seal belt cutter, glass breaking hammer, a tire deflation nozzle, tire tread gauge, red emergency LED flashlight, vehicle magnet and a digital tire gauge. It is readily available for any emergency situation that might come along. The Tire Right is little enough to store in a pocket, purse or the glove compartment of a car.

There are those times when everyone gets in a pickle and discovers themselves in need of aid on the roadway. With the Get Happy Giving Digital Tire Pressure Gauge that has the LED flashlight, you can feel confident your device will assist in case of an emergency situation. You can find this item on Amazon for fast shipping and outstanding customer service.

Click this link for more on this Digital Tire Gauge product

8 in 1 Functions Include:

1) Digital Tire Gauge
2) Powerful LED Flashlight
3) Emergency Seat Belt Cutter
4) Emergency Glass Breaking Hammer
5) Tire Deflation Nozzle
6) Tire Tread Depth Gauge With Light Indicator
7) Red Emergency Flashing Light
8) Magnet to Attach For Storage Or To Car In Emergency situation