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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Don't Go Out Camping Without This One Item That May Save Your Life!

Survival 101

Hiking and camping are seriously fun outdoor activities. Both are fun however also require major consideration for safety. In case a hiking or camping journey with good friends (or alone) goes wrong, it's constantly excellent to be prepared. Right here are a few things that work to know about survival equipment that you should have prior to going on that next experience.

1. Let trusted individuals understand where you plan to go and when you plan to come back. If ever something happens and you fail to appear on your anticipated return, people can begin trying to find you and they would understand where to begin.

2. When hiking and you lose your way, do not panic. Just STOP! Stop moving; Think where you might have taken a wrong turn; Observe your surroundings; and Strategy exactly what to do next. A compass and a map or a GPS will be useful to take you back to civilization.

3. Water is the most vital thing for a person's survival, so a hydration system is a must. This consists of a water container (the less bulky the better), a number of water cleansing tablets and a clean handkerchief. Upon arrival at the camp site, locating the nearest water source like streams or rivers would be a really wise move. Not just will it provide water for drinking, it will also be a great guide back should you lose your way or roam a bit too far from the camping site. When hiking or camping in the wilderness, animal tracks or flocks of birds can help lead you to water.

4. Being able to signal is also vital. A whistle, mirror, flashlight or fire can all be useful survival tools for sending out signals and letting others understand you're in distress or in an emergency situation.

5. Emergency circumstances might require you to do some cutting-- bandages for dressing injuries, ropes or branches for shelter and structure fire. A Swiss knife or multi-tools are life-savers; bringing a set will not injure.

6. Ropes are useful when climbing up, building emergency shelter, establishing traps, hoisting food to avoid animals, or for making splints for busted bones. Especially useful survival products are paracord bracelets. Paracord is brief for parachute cords. It's lightweight and as the name recommends, can be worn around the wrist for easy access. When drawn to release, a paracord bracelet can expose between 6-10 meters of cord. Its ends are typically clasped together by a side-release buckle. The majority of backpackers who often go hiking or camping use as well as understand how to make paracord bracelets.

Among the survival equipment offered in any outdoor stores, the SPARK™ Paracord Fire Starter Bracelet with Emergency Whistle Side Release Buckle would be among the topnotchers. This paracord bracelet comes with a neat stainless steel striker/cutter. The stainless steel striker is used to strike the built-in fire rod and make sparks to develop emergency fire.

Should you need to cut anything, it also serves the function well. The paracord fire starter bracelet is also packed together with a whistle. A piece of survival equipment with a rope, a cutter and a fire starter in one is certainly a great deal. The SPARK™ Paracord Fire Starter Bracelet can also be a wonderful gift for good friends and ones.

Never ever Worry About Being Stuck Without A Method To Make Fire Ever Again!

Have you ever struggled with making a fire while camping or hiking? Now you can constantly be ready to begin a fire with the SPARK™ bracelet!

The SPARK™ Bracelet has actually a built in Ferrocerium Rod and Stainless Steel Striker to begin a fire
Loud Whistle integrated to signal when in distress or notify your traveling buddies
9 feet of Paracord is constantly at hand, simply unwind the cobra braided bracelet and use.
SPARK™ is completely water resistant and dries rapidly and is mildew resistant and will not fade in sunlight.

Great for EDC (Every Day Carry) and emergency situations
A should have for the Survivalist/Prepper
Laser etched striker/cutter can be made use of to cut paracord or inner strands
Makes a terrific gift!
Premium Quality
Goes excellent with your existing Tactical equipment!
You do not have to dissemble the bracelet to use the fire starter, simply unbuckle and strike the ends
This bracelet is made with Nylon 7-Strand Core Mil-Spec 550 LB Paracord. It unravels really quickly and can assist you do things like:.

Develop a shelter.
Protect Equipment.
Hang food up from wild animals.
String for make shift hunting bow.
Key fobs.
Fishing line (with inner strands).
and much, much more ...
Side release buckle measurements are:

2-3/8" L x 1-1/4" W x 3/8" Thick.

Suitable for wrist sizes that measure between 7 & 9 inches.

The SPARK™ Bracelet is ensured for the life time of the initial purchaser against manufactuer defects. If the bracelet breaks, we will replace it. If you have to deploy the paracord in a time of need, we replace it.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Love Amazing Yellow Chinese Lantern LED Lights

I am so pleased with this cute lights. I have only ever used normal, plug in the outlet sort lights before and was unsure how bright solar ones would be. Properly let me inform you, they are amazing. Much brighter than I expected and the lights stay on for days. I have to confess, I do reside in South Florida so there is a excellent quantity of sun usually. Even so, it has been cloudy and dull the past handful of days but the lights have performed brilliantly! I decided not to wait for the holidays and have them draped on my palm tree trunk. It really is extremely well-known here to do that and it looks so fairly. You can set these to stay static or flicker. Genuinely wonderful lights and I will be purchasing some more.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

An Incredible Yellow Solar Lantern Pack for a Great Price

This is my second set of solar lanterns. We hang them from the garden, patio cover and windows, and they glow till morning. Really festive and understated quite. They are perfect. I just enjoy the appearance of them at night. So simple to set up and the fabric has kept its color all year. Love these lanterns and very satisfied. I am planning to order some a lot more.

- Produce a enjoyable atmosphere about your residence!
- Fantastic for party and residence decorations, festivals and weddings!
- Easy to hang up move about.
- These are perfect for utilizing beneath your front porch, back yard, arbor garden, canopy and balcony.

The Chinese Lanterns Set is a enjoyable addition to my landscape and make me smile every time I appear outdoors. And nothing at all would stop me from recommending them.

Check this Red/green/yellow Chinese Lanterns Set product out at Amazon now

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Energy Conserving Outdoor Solar Light

Forget the Cumbersome Wires and Complex Outdoor Lighting Systems.

- Light up walkways, mailboxes, and storage sheds. Our multi-purpose outdoor solar light stores the sun's energy during the day and sheds subtle white light at night.

- Swap expensive installation costs for DIY solar landscape lighting. Unlike wired systems, mount your 16-LED solar light in minutes without technicians or cables.

- Delight in consistent overnight lighting. With only 8-hour charging and no running costs, our cost-efficient outdoor solar wall light stays running through power blackouts.

- Lessen your carbon footprint. Equipped with intelligent motion sensors our eco-friendly solar home light automatically activates using clean renewable energy.

- Avoid fire hazards. Cool to the touch with no electrical wiring, our solar lights are 100 % safe around children, pets, swimming pools and ponds.

Our fully water-proof solar lights can resist the toughest weather. Position your light anywhere.

Never Be Left in the Dark - Generate Electricity Where You Need It Most

Providing year-round reliability and a resilient design, our premium-quality solar-powered lights use the sun's energy while blending naturally with your environment.

Bright Outdoor Solar Light - 16 Bright LEDs - Built in Activity Sensing unit - Elegant Design - (No Batteries) (No Cables) Utilize for Outdoor patio, Yard, Backyard, Shed, Garage, Gate, Mailbox, Fence

Save-Energy with this Easy to Install Solar Light with Practically No Running Costs,.
Good to the Environment with all Year Round Consistency, Developed to Last with it's Modern Stainless Steel Finish.

Turns on Automatically at Sunset Switches off Automatically at Dawn. Bright Light Activates Within a 3 Metre Zone, Stays on for 30sec.

Solar Panel Life expectancy 5 Years - LED Life expectancy 50,000 Hours. Safety Protection for Overcharging, Over Discharging, Over Current, Short Circuit. Waterproof Rating (IP65) Heatproof.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Personal Drinking Water Filter Safety Sipper & Lanyard- Blue & Camouflage - Survival Gadget for Water

Protected drinking water is crucial for our survival and there's little cause to take it for granted these days!
There are unpredictable items which could come about, from becoming stranded someplace to a natural disaster hitting your location – all of which beg the query: ...Are you ready?
Storing or carrying water supplies is nearly impossible, so how can you be ready at all occasions?
Introducing the new Security Sipper™ - a personal water filter. Normally, water filters have a tendency to be big, bulky and they often need a energy supply. The Security Sipper is the alternative to these type of filters delivering portable and viable water to keep you and your family hydrated and, safe for longer periods of time.
The Security Sipper is a small straw-like filter which can be employed to literally drink water directly from a possibly contaminated supply, such as a lake or a puddle. It is about 9 inches lengthy by an inch in diameter and it hangs about your neck on a lanyard so you will in no way drop your Security Sipper!
The Security Sipper has a series of diverse filters. The layers of the filter will eliminate all impurities, like bugs, sediments, and algae from the water. It will also eradicate bacteria and poisonous elements, heavy metals ions, like lead, arsenic, chromium and cadmium although enhancing the water's smell and, taste.
The Security Sipper can filter up to 1,000 liters (that is 250 gallons) of water during its lifetime. The product has taken the world wide web by storm and is now obtainable on, and You can read about the Security Sipper in the news across the nation in the New York Times, The Washington Times, and Chicago Sun-Times! The wait for clean portable water is more than! Please pay a visit to for much more detailed data on the Security Sipper- personal water filter.

The ONLY Personal Water Filter Backed by a No-Hassle 90-Day Money Back Assure! If you are not 100% totally happy


THE Complete Loved ones Requirements HAS A Personal WATER FILTER TO Always BE Ready!
- Highest High quality Supplies Obtainable to Make it Less difficult to Suck Water Through the Filter
- Elimination of 99.999% Viruses & 99.999% of Pathogens of waterborne Bacteria
- Easy to Clean, NO Bad / Chemical Taste of any sort!

The Clear Choice for folks from every single walk of life is the Safety Sipper!
Drinking water is not only a concern during a wilderness disaster, survival, or other outdoor occasion. According to FEMA minimal preparedness is: 1 gallon of water per person, per day for at least three days. How do you make confident that it could not turn out to be contaminated? Insure safe drinking water in a way to sustain life where you are & relieve the burden of getting to remain where you are

Safety Sipper will eliminate organic chemical pollutants & absorb dangerous heavy metal ion (lead, arsenic, chromium, and so forth.). Removes poisonous substances, thoroughly killing pathogenic bacteria with successful sterilization rate of much more than 99.99%

The Safety Sipper is excellent for Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Fishing, Survival, Emergencies, Sports, Water Storage, Outdoors, Hunting
- Comes with Complementary Lanyard so You Will Never ever Drop Your Filter
- The Safety Sipper Comes with a Totally free BONUS, a Survival Tips ebook!
-Color Possibilities! (Blue or Camouflage)

The ONLY Personal Water Filter Backed by a No-Hassle 90-Day Money Back Assure! If you are not 100% totally happy

See more about this Personal water filter product

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beautiful Purple Chinese Lantern For Your Garden!

We have enjoyed our solar lights this vacation season. We do not have to turn them on or off as they take care of themselves. We feel excellent about saving money on electrical energy too. We have place them on our patio and they give a festive look all year long.

It is a pleasant soft light, and the truth they are solar powered and come on automatically just makes them all the nicer. I program to get an additional set to maintain for my own, and in truth to do so just before Christmas. Cannot beat the value or the ease of setting up. Good solution!

Keep reading about this Purple Chinese Lantern product

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Boombox Cell Phone Charger And Jobsite Radio Review Video

The MiniBoomer Boombox MP3 Player, and emergency Radio combines style with safety. It is the perfect back-to-school gift for that very reason. A stylish and functional radio that plays music from all those sources is rarely going to be very far away from it's owner, especially if the owner is still in school. But it is the safety attributes, not the style that makes that a good thing.

The MiniBoomer not only plays music from just about any format you can think of including SD Card, USB Drive, and Bluetooth ready devices; it also charges cell phones, tunes into every available local radio station (good for following approaching weather systems and such), sports an awesome LED Flashlight with a loud alarm and flashing emergency light to get attention or scare off small animals (including the two legged kind!)

Boy! That was a mouthful and I still didn't get to mention all of the details of this feature-loaded boombox MP3 Player, and phone charger! Well, when you watch the video, if you haven't already done so, you can read reviews from several happy customers about other benefits of the MiniBoomer.

In fact, there was one recent review that brought up a feature I hadn't even thought of - using the loud alarm and flashing emergency light to help rescuers locate you underneath a collapsed building. Hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters might leave you in such a predicament. Anyway, I probably don't have to caution you not to tell them "I got it because it's good for you and can keep you safe." Play up the MP3 feature, the dual track stereo, and how it can be paired to any of their Bluetooth enabled devices allowing them to listen in any room of the house.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Windows, Android or iOS: What System Will Wearable Gadgets Work Best With?

Of all the wearable gadgets on the market, it is the smart watches that seem are going to be the newest big thing in smart wearable technology over the latter half of 2014. No surprise then that 3 of the biggest names in operating systems - Apple's iOS, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows - are jockeying for the lead in this potential gold mine market sector.
So what are the ups and downs we can expect from wearable gadgets operating on the various operating systems? Let's take an in-depth look at each:

Google Android
Google was the very first in line to give operating systems for several of the existing and upcoming smart watches on the market. The difficulty, however, was that several of the existing Android operating systems utilized in smart watches had been meant to be utilized in smart phones. This made Android-based wearable smart watches rather challenging to use, what with hardware limitations, diminutive screen sizes and the need to have to pair watches to smart phones.
Google, however, is rolling out Android Wear - a version of Android made specifically for wearable gadgets. The most considerable bonus of Android Wear is its integration of Google Now into the operating system's core functions. This means that voice commands have the potential to play a considerably prominent function in interacting with wearable smart accessories - provided you are connected to the Internet via wireless Internet access points.

Apple iOS
Until last month Apple had been maintaining silence about its plans for smart watches or any other wearable gadgets, which is common of the company. They like to preserve every thing close to the chest till they make an official announcement.
After its very recent release the Apple Watch garnered a lot of interest, Apple are late comers to the wearable market and will have to pull the stops out to impress. Their Smart Watch generated some very mixed opinions. Some have hailed it as the new "Best Thing Ever" and others have written it off as Just Another Smart-watch.

The build quality is what you would expect from Apple and the watch certainly looks the part. The Apple Watch is a MP3 player like an iPod, a health monitor with heart-rate measurements, a communications device that will send and receive messages, calls and audio recordings, and a handheld portal to other apps, too. It also lets payments via Apple Pay as well as allowing you to control your Apple TV and act as a remote for connected smart home devices. All this sounds great, however there are many other watches that can do many of these things already and the OS is very similar to Android ware which is already available so you don't have to wait until next year to get one.

Its tricky to tell yet if the Apple Watch will be better at any of these things than the competition, and while Apple are sometimes late to market sectors they have a history of developing very intuitive apps and polishing the interfaces to allow better user experiences. This basically suggests we'll have to wait and see what Apple's incoming OS for smart watches has to make it stand out from the crowd and how well it will be received in 2015.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft is an additional contender hunting to cash in on the rush for wearable gadgets. It has, however, opted to follow the lead of Apple in keeping mum about its plans till an official announcement is created. A telling sign of Microsoft's plans, however, is when it shifted smart watch development away from its Xbox group to its Surface division.
The Xbox group had placed their bets mostly on well being and fitness, which tends to make sense taking into consideration that some of the far more well-liked Kinect Xbox games revolved around fitness. The move to the Surface group appears to have disrupted this original strategy. Microsoft's new wearable gizmos are now pegged to be more general|-use (i.e. browsing, process managing, app-heavy design) and may possibly use a heavily modified version of Windows 8.

The Verdict
From the looks of all these factors, only Google has publicly shared detailed data about how its Android Wear will assist the wearable gadgets of 2014 making them less difficult to use. As for Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS, we will just have to wait for announcements and the final releases of their finished products to discover any solid info on what will make their systems stand out from the rising competition in the wearable tech market.

Chinavasion is one of the Internet's most trustworthy wholesalers of wearable gadgets. These hunting to discover a supply of low-price yet higher-high quality wise watches, video glasses and equivalent wearables will discover a lot to like over at

The top wholesaler for smart accessories is electronics specialist Chinavasion as they offer a 12 month warranty on every wearable smart gadgets ordered directly through them.

Points That Make Duo34CC A Better Charger Option

When it pertains to iphone Fives and 5c car charger, Vority Duo34CC is a much better option than other car chargers on the marketplace. This car charger is made from highly long lasting raw materials making use of the most sophisticated producing technology.


This product has 2 USB ports. The 2 ports make it possible for you to charge 2 gadgets concurrently. You don't have to stress over the time it would require to charge the 2 gadgets. It can charge both at full speed.

This product is not simply a typical double usb car charger. Because of the 2 USB ports, other Apple products (iPad 2/3/4, iPod, and iPhone 3/4), Kindle, Android gadgets, and even Samsung gadgets can use this charger.

Back To School: LED Desk Lamp, Phone Charger Combo

Back to School lines are already forming and DTC LifeTools has several products that are excellent back to school items for this year. For example, the DTC PowerSafe LifeTool is a perfect accessory for any dorm room or study area for several reasons.

First of all, this flexible LED desk lamp is great for studying on the move or in a dedicated area. It has a dimmer-type switch that allows the user to dial up or down the light to the perfect brightness. Sleeping roommates who live in the same area would be appreciative of this non-intrusive feature. The unit is cordless and therefore portable. This makes studying possible anywhere, even out on campus after dark.

Running a close second are the built-in security functions that can make the difference when walking alone after dark. Flip on the alarm and bright red blinking emergency beacon and send those stray dogs and other critters (or two legged predators) running away back into the dark. If you want to be sure about this, simply read the Amazon reviews on the Powersafe product listing page. You will discover several reviews from people saying things like "My dog can't stand the loud noise."

The third thing that makes this product such a great back to school gift is the emergency radio function. Many people study best with music playing. How many people can pull a cordless desk lamp out of their backpack that also plays their favorite tunes? The product reviews on Amazon also verify the excellent reception of local FM channels on the unit.

There are many more features of the PowerSafe LifeTool that make it a great back to school "must have" item. Think driving back and forth between home and campus - how important can a portable floodlight, emergency radio, siren and flashing emergency light, or cell phone charger be on the road, after dark, all alone?